15 conservatory blind ideas to control light, insulation and privacy

Combine style and practicality with conservatory window dressings

These beautiful conservatory blind ideas are more than just decorative. Conservatories by nature are open, light-filled, glass rooms where the right window treatment becomes transformative in more ways than one.

Blinds offer shade to cool in the summer, insulation to stay warm in the winter and a level of privacy to ensure that your garden room ideas can be used all year round.

Conservatory blind ideas

When considering buying conservatory blinds, think about how you'll use the room to determine what purpose your blinds need to provide – therefore which style is best suited. Is it for insulation, light control or privacy? Whatever you need from your space, we have a conservatory idea to inspire.

'Neat pleated blinds are ideal for conservatory roofs as they are made to fit awkward shapes,' says Yvonne Keal, Senior Product Manager, Hillarys.

‘Those with thermal insulation properties reflect the heat of the sun. For the sides, choose from Venetian, Roman, roller, vertical or pleated blinds. With Trilite pleated blinds, you can cover the lower half of the window for privacy, or you can use it like a conventional blind from the top.'

1. Welcome privacy

A conservatory with green blinds and wicker furniture

(Image credit: Blinds2Go)

Classic venetian blinds offer aluminium slats which provide more than sufficient privacy when in place, blocking the view into your glass garden room. The tilt functionality allows you to open and close the slats to control the amount of visibility. 

If your garden is overlooked you will benefit from a touch of privacy provided by this traditional blind design.

2. Control the light on all levels

Conservatory with grey blinds and sofas

(Image credit: Blinds2Go)

Given a classic conservatory design features 75 per cent windows, it can be hard to decide where is best to place blinds. These Duoshade Easifit Grey Weave conservatory blinds are made to measure, giving you precise coverage for your space. 

Choose to restrict the view on the bottom windows for privacy and on the top windows to control the heat. Set on easy to install brackets, which simply click into place. This option of blinds requires no tools to fix them in place.

3. Insulate and reduce noise pollution

A conservatory with blinds on all windows and a white armchair

(Image credit: Luxaflex)

'We would usually recommend our Duette product range, partly due to the fact that it helps control temperature,' notes Chris Lapthorne at Luxaflex.

If you're wondering how to make a conservatory warmer, Chris has the answer. 'Duette has a unique honeycomb design and as you’ll know conservatories can become incredibly hot during the summer months. Duette stops heat from entering a room in the warmer months. And is also able to lock in heat during the cooler months.'

'Not only does it control temperature, but it can also absorb sound, reducing noise pollution and creating the perfect space to relax and unwind.'

4. Balance privacy with light levels

A modern conservatory with vertical blinds and a dining table

(Image credit: Blinds Direct)

An open-plan kitchen diner can double as a small conservatory thanks to the roof lights and large sliding doors.

'Naturally, vertical and Venetian blinds can have their slats angled to allow that perfect level of light to enter the space while keeping prying eyes out,' advises Ana Zuravliova, Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct.

'Moreover, with many colours and finishes available to consider, both can easily add a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic to any part of the home.'

5. Co-ordinate all window coverings

A conservatory with blinds on all windows and a white armchair

(Image credit: Luxaflex)

This large conservatory has blinds on every pane of glass – a trick that works well if you're looking for window treatments for your orangery idea too.

'We are able to produce Duette Shades in different apex shapes too, so they can be used for the roof and help to create a uniformed look with the side blind,' says Chris from Luxaflex.

'If teamed with our TruFit solution you can create a seamless look, without the need for drilling or screwing. These shades are cord free. They can also be integrated with our home automation system PowerView so that the blinds can be moved at the touch of a button, through your handheld device or tablet.'

6. Add subtle coverage and colour

A spacious conservatory with yellow and grey striped blinds

(Image credit: English Blinds)

Create a happy compromise between covering windows and enjoying the view beyond. English Blinds have a solution that is ideal to add subtle layers of privacy and colour, with a smart Vision Day & Night design.

The conservatory blinds offer an innovative two layered half voile, half opaque fabric design, to transform the way you enjoy sun, privacy and shade in your garden room.

The hybrid of fabrics provides a subtle blind solution for your home while this large corner sofa is the perfect piece of conservatory furniture. They operate in the same way as regular roller blinds – featuring a control chain running in a loop at one side of the blind to move them up or down.

7. Welcome an accent colour

A conservatory with lime green blinds and a wooden dining table with green chairs

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Use your blind choice to inject an accent colour into your conservatory interior idea. Be unapologetic about using a bold accent colour to enliven an all-white conservatory. A bold accent colour can prevent the space from feeling flat, dull and a little sterile.

Whether using a plain blind, as shown above, or a pattern, ensure the colour is used throughout the rest of the decor to unify the look. Generally it's best to stick to one dominant accent colour. Pair it with a maximum of two other less dramatic shades on soft furnishings tableware and accessories.

8. Enhance the decor

Conservatory with grey-wash wooden floor and grey blinds

(Image credit: Blinds2Go)

Make your practical window treatment understatedly attractive to enhance the decor. Choose a neutral blind solution to add a stylish touch, without overpowering with pattern and colour – sometimes less is more.

Use natural tones with warmth to lift the white aesthetic of a conservatory space. Add subtle rustic touches such as this industrial conservatory lighting ideas and metallic chairs.

9. Block direct overhead sunlight

A conservatory with nautical interior

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole)

Go for the most practical blind solution to suit your space. If you're on a budget and looking for the most effective blinds to make a multipurpose conservatory more useable, at any time of day simply block the sunlight overhead. Only covering one area makes dressing the space with blinds more affordable.

Blocking the light overhead can help to prevent the conservatory from becoming too hot throughout the day. It also means the room is still just as bright and welcoming because the remaining windows are not covered.

10. Dress the side windows

A small conservatory with grey slate floor tiles and a french dresser

(Image credit: Future PLC/ TI Media)

In some conservatory spaces you might not need to use blinds in a practical sense. For a space that acts as more of a walk-through space or side extension to a kitchen you may be looking for more practical conservatory flooring ideas as shown above and blinds that are purely decorative. In this case you can use a simple fabric design that adds a pelmet of decoration to the top of the side windows.

There's no rule that says the blinds have to be functional first. You might only use them once in a blue moon – but their presence invites a stylish touch to the decor. Be sure to dust blinds you aren't using frequently, because it will build up overtime if they are not in use.

11. Co-ordinate with decorative designs

Conservatory with blue and white striped fabrics and upholstered sofa

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Jeremy Phillips)

Look to a window blind idea to tie the decor scheme together. Choose a coordinating colour scheme to flow throughout, from the blind fabric to the floor rug and cushions.

12. Ensure privacy with shutters

A conservatory with shutters and a brown leather armchair

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Polly Eltes)

As with blinds, shutters can help to control the light, welcome privacy and keep a conservatory cool.

'Installing shutters in your conservatory can have a range of aesthetic as well as practical benefits,' says Sam Tamlyn at Shutterly Fabulous. 'One of the most functional benefits is the ability they have to insulate the room. Adding an extra layer of insulation to windows, they act as a form of double glazing which in turn can help to reduce heating bills.'

'During the summer, some conservatories – particularly south-facing ones – become uncomfortably hot because of the hot light that streams through all day. Shutters can block this (at times harmful) sunlight, allowing the room to stay cool.'

'In addition to the benefit of temperature control, shutters are also the ideal solution for balancing light and privacy in rooms where comfort and well-being are a must. Both of these features work well to transform the conservatory to a room that is appreciated year round, rather than just in the summer months'.

13. Look for a perfect fit

A conservatory with blue blinds, a dining table and a geometric rug

(Image credit: Blinds Direct)

'Since many conservatories use uPVC windows, Perfect Fit blinds are an excellent choice,' advises Ana from Blinds Direct. 'Perfect Fit blinds feature a special frame that allows them to clip easily into a uPVC window frame, without the need for drills or screws.'

'What’s more, by fitting one to your conservatory’s door frame, the blind will move as a part of it, helping you enjoy your space without worrying about your blind getting in the way.'

14. Control the light at all times

A conservatory with blue blinds and a wooden dining table

Duette Deep Silk India Blinds

(Image credit: Thomas Sanderson)

Having control over the light allows you to utilise the space at all times throughout the day – morning, noon or night. Without the presence of blinds there may be times of the day where the direct sunlight renders the space unusable.

Having the ability to block the light with a suitable window treatment idea also provides temperature control at these times too.

15. Choose a drop down design with pattern

A conservatory with green leaf print blinds and large potted plants

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Nick Pope)

If you're looking for more of a decorative conservatory blind idea, rather than purely functional, a drop down fabric blind is a stylish solution.

A seamstress is the best option to fashion a simple blind for each drop, meaning you can pick the exact fabric of  your choosing. Adding a lining will ensure the fabric is less likely to fade, and also offer a better level of shade.

Do I need blinds in my conservatory?

Determining whether you need blinds in your conservatory depends on how you use the extra living space. Are you looking to use the space to host mealtimes where you might benefit from blocking the glaring sunshine overhead?

If looking to use the extra room as a small home office idea you will benefit from blinds that restrict the sunshine from the sides, to avoid glare on a screen.

Or perhaps you wish your conservatory idea simply to be a relaxing garden room, where you spend leisurely downtime. Being less restricted by the amount of direct light, means you can afford to use blinds as more of a decorative window treatment. A simple decorative blind that needs to be more pretty than practical is perfect.

'There are many excellent blinds to consider when decorating any conservatory,' says Ana Zuravliova, Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct. 'Since conservatories are by definition light, open spaces, it's important to find a window furnishing that gives flexible light control without compromising on privacy.'

How much do blinds for a conservatory cost?

How much conservatory blinds costs all depends on the style you choose, and of course how big your conservatory design is. For a rough guide we asked head of marketing at Luxaflex, Chris Lapthorne, to price the three most popular types of conservatory blinds.

'Our Free hanging Duette Shades start at £128, for cord or handle operation, 400mm by 400mm,' he explains. 'Apex roof blinds would start at £227, for wand operation, 600mm by 600mm. Rectangular roof blinds start at £218 for wand operation, 600mm by 600mm.'

Can you have roller blinds in a conservatory?

When it comes to having roller blinds in a conservatory Chris Lapthorne at Luxaflex explains, 'Our Designer Roller Blinds can also be used around the sides of the conservatory, not for roofs though. One thing to bear in mind is installation.

'Standard conservatories don’t have a recess so fitting brackets has to be considered and roller brackets are quite large, so there has to be area to install them.'

'A roller blind, especially one made from a dimout material, will let light gently filter into your conservatory,' adds Ana Zuravliova at Blinds Direct. 'While letting you enjoy complete privacy.'


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