How to dip dye curtains

Learn how to dip dye curtains with Country Homes & Interiors' five easy steps

room with curtain and white drawer

(Image credit: Future PLc/Trevor Richards)

You will need

• Ready-made cotton linen or silk curtains (we used Matilda voiles, £15 a pair, Ikea)
• Fabric dye for hand use (we used Bahama Blue, £3.11, Dylon)
• Salt
• Rubber gloves
• Dowel rod

Step 1) Wash the curtains and leave them damp. Using rubber gloves dissolve the dye in 500ml warm water.

Step 2) Fill a bowl with approximately 6 litres warm water and stir in 250g salt, add the dye and stir well.

Step 3) Place the bowl on the floor. Wrap the curtain (top edge first) around a dowel rod or similar and rest it on the seat of a chair next to the bowl. Unfurl the lower edge of the curtain evenly so that it dips into the dye in the bowl.

Step 4) To achieve the subtle shaded effect, every 10 minutes or so unfurl a little more curtain fabric from the dowel rod so that more fabric drops into the dye solution. Colours will be darkest on those areas of the curtain that have been in contact with the dye for longest.

Step 5) Once you are happy with the effect, rinse the curtains thoroughly in cold water and wash as normal in warm water to remove any excess dye. Dry away from direct heat and sunlight.

Go to the Dylon website for more information on Dylon Fabric Dye for hand use.

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