REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress review

We tested out a new medium-firm mattress from REM-Fit, which has solid eco-credentials and a high level of comfort

Rem-Fit mattress
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Ideal Home Verdict

If you're looking for a mattress that's kinder to the planet, then we'd strongly recommend the REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid, especially if you're a side/back sleeper. Plus, if you find it's not for you, there's a 100-day sleep trial on offer.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very comfortable

  • +

    More eco-friendly than most

  • +

    Machine washable mattress cover

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Can't be flipped, only rotated

  • -

    No side handles

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When the clocks go back and we gain an hour of sleep, there is a 21% reduction in heart attacks, according to neuroscientist Matthew Walker, so, given the profound connection between sleep and health, finding a good mattress is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Made in the UK, the REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress is a new contender for this accolade. 

The Eco Hybrid was released in 2022, and its stand-out features are its efforts toward more sustainable production. This mattress swaps out virgin plastics for recycled foam and fibres made from upcycled marine waste. 

We reviewed this foam and pocket spring mattress over a period of six months, and think it's earned a space in our round-up of the best mattresses on the market. Read on to find out why.

REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress review: the details

Type: Hybrid
Construction Materials: Recycled foam, 2000 mini pocket springs, 1000 taller encapsulated pocket springs
Number of springs: 3000
Memory foam: No
Sizes: Single, Double, King, Super King
Comfort level: Medium
Height: 25cm

REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress: what the brand says

REM-Fit's latest hybrid mattress launch features a high-density foam base (that the brand say can comfortably withstand a pair of sleepers weighing up to 20 stone each), topped with 3000 pocket springs (that's 2000 mini pocket springs combined with 1000 14.5cm pocket springs), then a layer of 60mm foam that REM-fit state has temperature regulating qualities, topped with 20mm of recycled foam that the brand has dubbed 'EcoFoam'. 

This 'EcoFoam' layer provides an alternative sleep surface to the usual memory foam mattress upper found in hybrid mattresses and is made from recycled fibres. This foam is also utilised to create side walls around the mattress; the aim being to allow you to sit or sleep close to the edge of the mattress without 'roll off'.

The mattress is then encapsulated in a Seaqual® fabric cover. The Seaquall Initiative works with NGOs, fishermen, communities, authorities, and industry to help clean our oceans of marine litter, repurposing plastic pollutants into yarn that can be used to create a whole host of products. 

We're very much in favour of the brand's efforts to make mattress production a more sustainable affair, so we were eager to put this new launch to the test to see how it performed against less green alternatives.

REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress: Ideal Home testing

I slept on the REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress for six months to test out its performance. A tester's height, weight, sleep preferences (i.e. whether you're a side, back, or front sleeper), and any pre-existing aches and pains can all shape their thoughts on a mattress, so I've included my sleep stats here:

Millie Hurst
Millie Hurst

Sleep position: side or back Tension preference: medium Sleep problems: stiff neck Height & weight: 5"4 and 9-10 stone Average sleep time: 8 hours

Read on to find out my thoughts on the REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress.

Unboxing and delivery

The REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress was delivered conveniently rolled up in a tube, which meant that, luckily, I had no problems getting it through my front door, down a communal hallway, and past internal doors. And once safely in my bedroom, I found it easy to unpack. 

The mattress came with me when I moved house, and admittedly transporting it once it was unrolled posed more of a challenge. This would have been made a lot easier if it had some handles attached to the sides – it doesn't, which is one of the mattress's few downsides.

This mattress is single-sided, so you only rotate the mattress rather than flipping it. I haven't done this yet but will do to avoid creating a dip, as I often sit in the same spot when watching TV or reading. I just need to get a friend to help me as it's pretty heavy... and, again some side handles would help with that.

How comfortable is the REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress?

I usually sleep on my side or back and thought I'd prefer a firm mattress, but I've totally been converted. I didn't like the idea of anything too soft and enveloping, so this medium-firm mattress was softer than I would have picked myself, but the REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid is firm, with a good level of ‘give’ that makes for a lovely, cushioned sleeping experience. It cradles you with a certain level of squish (technical term) but also feels supportive.

The mattress has also received compliments from guests, and from my landlady when she came over to show me how the fold-out mechanism of my bed frame works. That’s another thing to note: my bedframe itself is very old and looks pretty rickety, but the mattress is so thick and comfortable that you'd have no idea of the basic, retro frame beneath.

In the past, I've always had basic mattresses provided by my landlord/lady wherever I've rented in London, so the bar was set relatively low. However, now that I've had a good mattress for around six months, I can see the benefits. I used to wake up with a neck ache, but this doesn't happen any more thanks to the REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid.

Our mattress tester, Millie, lying on the REM-fit eco hybrid mattress in her bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

Motion transfer:
The mattress is really supportive, and those mini pocket springs do their job of helping to cushion and support each sleeper. Whilst there's a little more motion transfer when one person rolls over than on a mattress with a memory foam upper, this foam and spring hybrid still provided a great night's sleep for us.

Edge support:
The Eco Premium Hybrid mattress features encapsulated side walls made from recycled EcoFoam that are designed to offer edge-to-edge support to reduce 'roll off' from the mattress edge. REM-fit also says these side walls help to ensure consistent tension is kept across the surface of the mattress, which helps to ensure the mattress will last longer. 

As you can see in the picture below, a 1kg weight creates a slightly bigger dip in the middle of the mattress than on the edge, and I definitely felt well-supported when I lay closer to the edge.

Two 1kg weights resting on the surface of the REM-fit eco hybrid mattress

(Image credit: Future)

Temperature regulation:
REM-fit says the 60mm layer of 'EcoAdvance' foam is temperature regulating for superior comfort. It's a hard thing to test as each individual has different natural warmth levels, but I can say that I slept very well on this mattress, never finding I was overheating during the night. 

Extra details:
I particularly liked the fact the mattress cover is not just sustainable – it's made from 100% recycled plastic rescued from the ocean – but is also removable and machine washable. I can also confirm that it's very soft.


Rightly or wrongly, I wasn't expecting this more sustainable mattress to feel quite as luxurious as it did on arrival. I would have had no clue the foam used was recycled, or that the super soft cover was made from recycled marine waste, so from a performance point of view this mattress ticks a lot of boxes. 

It's also fantastic that REM-fit is making efforts to go greener. Not every aspect of the mattress is totally sustainable, but by using recycled plastics rather than virgin plastics the brand is making concerted efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. 

Consumer purchasing power is one of the most powerful tools for change, so by investing in this mattress, you're funding further development into more sustainable manufacturing practices – and that gets a big thumbs up from us.

The REM-fit eco hybrid mattress cover unzipped to show the EcoFoam layer

(Image credit: Future)

Final verdict: Is the REM-fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress worth the money?

I think this mattress will suit anyone who wants a supportive, luxurious mattress at a mid-range price point, and especially if you want to invest in a mattress that has been produced more sustainably. The level of comfort is so good I can imagine it being more expensive than it is and if you use REM-Fit discount codes it'll, of course, seem like you're getting more bang for your buck.

Perhaps this is due to a combination of factors, but sleeping on this mattress has given me a greater sense of overall well-being. Sleep is crucial to our health, affecting everything from our memory and mood to our blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and whilst I still have a memory like a sieve, I no longer wake up feeling like I desperately need a shoulder massage. 

I've since recommended REM-Fit to friends and think this eco-friendly option is brilliant at marrying luxurious quality with sustainability.

Plus, if you buy the REM-fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress direct from REM-fit, then it comes with a 100-day trial, so you can test it out for yourself and see if it's the right fit for you.

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