Best fridge freezers: the 10 coolest appliances for your home and budget

The best fridge freezers in 2022 offer the ideal blend of stylish looks, practical storage solutions and cooling tech, to keep your food fresher for longer
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  • Looking for the best fridge freezer? It’s the place where you keep the ice cream, the beer, the cheese, and the emergency frozen pizza, and arguably the hardest working appliance in the kitchen, but choosing one that’s right for your home and family isn’t as simple a task as you might expect.

    But fear not, for we’ve researched the entire appliance industry – from classic built-in designs and delightful retro models, to the very latest in NASA inspired cooling tech – to bring you the best options for any situation, style, and budget.

    The latest designs can make a statement, entertain, or be adaptable, but they all aim to take the very best care of your fresh and frozen groceries, and we’ve been particularly careful to recommend models that help to reduce the amount of food waste we produce.

    Best fridge freezers

    1. Bosch Serie 6 KGN86AIDP

    Best fridge freezer for pro-kitchen style

    • 01 - Bosch_KGN86AIDP_1

    Type: XL Fridge Freezer
    Capacity: 479 litres (fridge) and 152 litres (freezer)
    Dimensions: 1860 x 860 x 810mm
    Features: D energy rated, twin compressors, Home Connect App, XL Capacity
    Reasons to buy:

    • Large freezer
    • Versatile drawers
    • Energy efficient

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Doesn’t fit in a standard kitchen gap

    At 86cm wide this super-sized metal-clad fridge freezer is part jumbo American Style and part traditional design, with a classic 70/30 fridge freezer layout. But compared to a basic 60cm wide design you’ll enjoy a cavernous interior with glass sleeves wide enough to take the largest pans and baking trays.

    Unusually, in the fridge Bosch has included two separate pull-out drawers; one that stores fruit and vegetables at exactly 0°C, plus a separate drawer for meat and fish with a temperature regulating slider which lets you change the temperature by up to 4°C lower than the rest of the fridge.

    As part of the Home Connect range you can also control the temperature and adjust the lighting of this fridge freezer via smartphone app, and even receive alerts if someone leaves the door open. The app also has a useful guide that helps you store your groceries correctly, to help avoid unnecessary wastage.

    Down in the freezer, the combination of drawers and glass shelves makes it more versatile than most, and you can easily remove sections to make room for usually large items and being No Frost you never need worry about thawing it out.

    2. Samsung Bespoke 2.03m Fridge Freezer with Twin Cooling Plus RB38A7B53S9

    Best fridge freezer for colourful kitchens

    Best for colourful kitchens

    Type: Mix and match fridges and freezers
    Capacity: 387litres (273 litre fridge, 114 litre freezer)
    Dimensions: H2030 x W595 x D658mm
    Features: Changeable door panels, versatile shelving, flexible fridge/freeze compartment, twin cooling compressor
    Reasons to buy:

    • Modular design
    • Customisable doors
    • Flexible inner layout
    • Stylish

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Nothing of note

    If you’ve been yearning for a Glam Lavender or Satin Sky Blue fridge freezer, you’ve come to the right place. Samsung’s Bespoke collection is a brilliantly versatile range of fridge freezers, standalone fridges, and freezers, that can not only be joined together seamlessly to create an unbeatable wall of cool, but the colour and finish of each door front is entirely up to you.

    There are currently 12 colour options to choose from including whites, black and silver, but also navy, peach and even beige. They’re all wonderfully complementary and look fantastic together.

    But style is nothing without substance, and thankfully Samsung’s Bespoke fridge freezer has loads including dual compressors for accurate temperature control, an Optimal Fresh + box, which is essentially a fridge compartment that can be set to two different temperatures – one for meat maybe, one for fruit and veg – plus a freezer drawer that can also be used as extra fridge space, or three other temperatures, if needs be.

    3. Beko HarvestFresh GNE490IR3VPS

    Best fridge freezer for big families on a small budget

    Beko HarvestFresh GNE490IR3VPS

    Type: Multi-door
    Capacity: 485litres (311litres fridge, 174litres freezer)
    Dimensions: H1920 x W760 x 725mm
    Features: twin compressors, HarvestFresh technology, 0° compartment
    Reasons to buy:

    • Lost of space for the price
    • Easy access freezer drawers
    • Extra wide fridge shelves

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Not very efficient

    Multi-door fridge freezers are extremely convenient, but do tend to cost a fortune, which makes this Beko model refreshingly affordable and great for anyone who needs loads of cold storage. Pull-out freezer drawers are a revelation too, making it quick and easy to get to the food, even the stuff that usually gets forgotten at the back.

    The large fridge has three full-width shelves and a separate chiller compartment that maintains a low temperature at around 0ºC, helping meat and cheese to stay fresh for longer.

    There are also two generous pull-out baskets that have a hidden secret. It’s something Beko calls HarvestFresh, and it uses different coloured LED lights to replicate the sun’s natural 24-hour cycle to help maintain optimal freshness for your fruit and veg. It sounds fanciful, but the claims have been backed up by independent tests, and studies have shown that even after harvest the phytochemical composition of fruit and vegetables continued to alter in response to light. Clever stuff!

    While not the most energy-efficient design available (E rated) it does have twin compressors for accurate temperature control as well as No Frost for effortless maintenance.

    4. LG Door-in-Door GSJV70PZTF

    Best fridge freezer for clever features

    LG Door-in-Door GSJV70PZTF

    Type: American Style
    Capacity: 636litres (416 litre fridge, 219 litres freezer)
    Dimensions: H1790 x W913 x D735mm
    Features: Door-in-door design, water dispenser, UV light
    Reasons to buy:

    • Innovative design
    • Excellent temperature control
    • Vast capacity

    Reasons to avoid:

    • For huge kitchens only
    • Narrow freezer shelves

    A classic side-by-side American fridge freezer updated with the latest in hi-tech cooling and smart control. If you’ve not seen it before, LG has included their superb Door-in-Door feature here, which allows you to easily get anything stored in the top fridge door by opening a secret door. Great for grabbing a drink or condiments, it is quick, easy and energy efficient as you don’t let all the cold air out the main fridge.

    That said, when you do need to access the main cavity, a jet of cold air is pumped out at the front of the fridge from top to bottom and across the entire width, which helps to maintain the temperature inside without harmful fluctuations.

    The freezer is No Frost as you’d expect, but there’s also water and ice on demand, and a UV light kills any bacteria build-up from the spout.

    It’s also app-controlled, and Wi-Fi connected, allowing temperature adjustment and Express Freeze models to be done remotely, as well as monitor energy usage and alert you if the door is left open. There’s even voice control using Alexa and Google Home devices, allowing you to ask it to fast freeze for instance. A nice touch but not essential.

    5. MIELE KFN7795D Built-in Fridge Freezer

    Best fridge freezer for a long-term investment

    MIELE KFN7795D Built-in fridge-freezer

    Type: 70/30 Built-in fridge freezer
    Capacity: 246litres (175litres fridge, 71litres freezer)
    Dimensions: H1770 x W570 x D544mm
    Features: D energy rating, plumbed-in ice maker, active humidifier, even temperature, Wi-Fi connected
    Reasons to buy:

    • Reliability
    • Ideal temperature control
    • Dishwasher safe shelves
    • Frost free

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Not a huge capacity

    There’s no escaping the fact this is a very expensive 60cm wide fridge freezer, but Miele tests its home appliances to the equivalent of 20 years of use, which is why we’re happy to recommend it as an investment buy that should still be performing long after the kids have left home.

    Thankfully it is also packed with practical features. We love the flexible storage, particularly the FlexiTray glass shelf that rotates from back to front for easy access and the automatic Ice Maker with plumbed-in connection, while all the shelves can be cleaned in the dishwasher, which is a rarity, and great for ease of use.

    Inventive layouts aside, the biggest reason to buy this built-in model is the quality of the cooling, and few models offer the same consistency of temperature throughout, with a fan ensuring excellent circulation and distribution of the cold air.

    Aside from providing ice, the plumbed-in water connection also helps keep your fruit and vegetables in great condition by spraying a fine mist waterfall onto the contents of the crisper drawer, just like you find in posh supermarkets.

    And finally, at just 34 decibels, it is extremely quiet, the D energy rating is better than most, and it has Wi-Fi connectivity and app control, plus smart diagnostics for engineers if something does go wrong.

    Buy from Appliance Superstore, £2,889

    6. Smeg FAB50 Fridge Freezer

    Best fridge freezer for retro style

    Smeg FAB50 Fridge Freezer

    Type: Retro style fridge freezer
    Capacity: 524litre (400litres fridge, 124litres freezer)
    Dimensions: H1921 x W796 x D805mm
    Features: Zero-degree fridge drawer, fast freezing
    Reasons to buy:

    • Generous fridge capacity
    • Unbeatable looks
    • No-frost

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Style can cost!

    There are quite a few other brands offering ‘retro’ style refrigeration these days, but for our money, Smeg remains the original and the best, with its wonderful FAB range, on-trend colourway options and classic Italian style.

    At 80cm wide this 524litre design will take centre stage in your kitchen, and with XX fridge space spread across a full-width zero-degree drawer for your most perishable goods and three other shelves it’s a haven for veggie lovers.

    There’s no need to manually defrost, which is always a bonus – and a recent upgrade for the FAB range – and Smeg has also included a Fast Freeze function which helps keep your fish fingers in fabulous condition.

    Retro fridge freezers like this are gorgeous, and you pay handsomely for the privilege, but we’re pleased Smeg has upgraded the tech inside to keep a pace with the more advanced hi-tech alternatives.

    7. Hotpoint Active Four Door fridge freezer HQ9I MO1L UK

    Best fridge freezer for flexible cooling

    HOTPOINT HQ9I MO1L UK Fridge Freezer - Stainless Steel

    Type: Freestanding, American-style, four door fridge freezer
    Capacity: 554litres (fridge 338litres, freezer and convertible zone, 216litres)
    Dimensions: H1874 x W905 x D724mm
    Features: triple compressors, fresh filters, ice/water dispenser,
    Reasons to buy:

    • Three cool/freeze zones
    • Large capacity
    • Consistent temperatures

    Reasons to avoid: 

    • Temperature zone may not get a lot of use

    Many modern fridge freezers have twin compressors to help better regulate temperatures in the fridge and freezer sections, but here Hotpoint has gone one better with their Triple Cool technology. The result means there’s an entire section that can be used as a fridge, cold store, freezer or even wine fridge.

    The convertible zone has 12 temperature settings to choose from, from -22°C for deep freezing, right up to 10°C for storing wine. How often you realistically change the temperature in this zone is up for some debate, but we really appreciate the versatility.

    The huge fridge space is beautifully organised, with separate zones – and corresponding humidity levels – for your meat, fish, fresh veggies and dairy, and the Active Fresh Filter incorporated inside absorbs any ethylene in the fridge to help maintain your food’s freshness. We especially like the pull-out Platter Zone which neatly hides plated items (or pizza) until you need it.

    There’s also a super slim in-door ice and filtered water dispenser that has been engineered not to take up anywhere near as much internal space as most designs.

    8. Indesit Push&Go INC18 T311 UK

    Best fridge freezer for affordable built-in features

    Indesit Push&Go INC18 T311 UK

    Type: Built-in
    Capacity: 250litres fridge, 182litres, freezer, 68 litres
    Dimensions: H1770 x W540 x D545mm
    Features: Extrafresh 0° drawer, Push&Go cooling button, No Frost
    Reasons to buy:

    • Versatile internal layout
    • Faster cooling

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Limited capacity

    Built-in fridge freezers disappear – that’s the point of them – but annoyingly many options available are expensive but lack the same level of hi-tech innovation you’ll find on a similarly priced freestanding design. Indesit however has managed to include a few modern extras here that make it excellent value for money.

    The headline feature is the clever Push&Go button which is designed for when you know you’ve got a big shop to do. Give it a push and the fridge compressor will drop the temperature extremely quickly (40% faster than usual) in anticipation of the bags of groceries arriving. This ensures your shopping stays fresher for longer, and your existing food isn’t compromised either.

    Built-in fridge freezers are never huge, and the 68litre freezer section is no exception, but the drawers are easy to access, and will never need manually defrosting. The fridge section is also impressively adjustable, and we like the fact the glass shelves have been reinforced, meaning you can load them up, even squeeze in serving trays and casserole dishes without worry. Amazingly they can take up to 100kg load, which is one enormous Sunday roast!

    9. Siemens iQ300 KG39N7XEDG

    Best fridge freezer for everyday performance

    Siemens iQ300 KG39N7XEDG Freestanding 70/30 Fridge Freezer, Black Steel

    Type: 70/30 Fridge Freezer
    Capacity: 368 litres (279 litres fridge, 89 litres freezer)
    Dimensions: H2030 x W600 x D660mm
    Features: HyperFresh fruit/veg drawer, 0°C drawer, black steel finish, pull-out shelves
    Reasons to buy:

    • Sleek looks
    • Premium performance
    • Accurate temperatures

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Freezer is a little basic

    From the fingerprint resistant black metal finish to the advanced cooling drawers, this classic 60cm style fridge freezer has everything you need for years of reliable cooling and freezing.

    The large fridge is cleverly designed with two cooler boxes – one offering the promise of longer lasting veggies thanks to controlled humidity, while the other 0°C drawer has ideal conditions for fresh meat, cold cuts and fish. The temperature in the box is around 2-4°C cooler than the rest of the fridge and, by being self-contained, helps minimise odour transfer.

    We love the inclusion of pull-out glass shelves too, which are just brilliantly convenient, and means even the oldest, most hidden jars of jam can enjoy a new lease of life. They’re tilt proof too, so eager fingers won’t be able to pull them out accidentally.

    And while not as exciting as the fridge, the freezer has everything you need, it is well laid out and you’d expect it is No Frost, which means no defrosting, but also, no build-up of ice on your food too.

    10. Whirlpool W9821DKSHUK

    Best fridge freezer for style on a budget

    10 - Whirlpool fridge freezer - W9 821D KS H (UK) - cutout - hi

    Type: Freestanding combination fridge freezer
    Capacity: 318 total net capacity, fridge: 221 litres, freezer: 97 litres
    Dimensions: H1889 x W595 x D656 mm
    Features: 6th Sense temp control, twin cooling, no-frost
    Reasons to buy:

    • Pull-out freezer drawer
    • Fast cooling
    • Large salad drawer

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Average freezer capacity

    A stylish standard 60cm width design from Whirlpool positively overflowing with handy features that will slip effortlessly into a modern kitchen design. Firstly, it is A++ rated and boasts a generous 221litre fridge capacity, with a large salad drawer that has an integrated humidity control slider which helps prolong the life of your fresh fruit and veggies.

    At 97litres the freezer section isn’t ideal for batch cook and freeze fans, but thanks to a special tray at the top, it’s easy to access your most needed foods. In other words, it’s a fantastic ice cream storage area!

    Many Whirlpool fridges and freezers now boast the excellent 6th Sense temperature technology, which automatically adjusts the temperature to compensate for changes, such as the door being opened. And there’s even a separate fast cooling mode that drops the temperature immediately, when new food is stored.

    A buyer’s guide to fridge freezers

    Our appliance experts have pulled together this must-read list of things to consider for before you start shopping.

    What capacity do I need?

    The capacity of your fridge and freezer will be given in litres – we’ve given the usable capacity above rather than total volume. Generally, the bigger the fridge-freezer, the bigger the capacity, but you can find some standard sized 60cm designs with significantly more space than the nearest rival thanks to the use of modern insulation, which keeps the walls as thin as possible without compromising their performance. And remember, more shelves generally mean more storage area, and greater ‘usable’ capacity.

    The ratio of fridge to freezer will also vary, with standard designs offering either 60/40 or 70/30 per cent split. To decide which ratio is best, think about your daily routine. If you like to cook from scratch every night with fresh ingredients, look for a big fridge. Prefer to bake in batches? Then prioritise freezer space. Not sure? Look for a fridge with a ‘multi zone’ compartment that can be converted from fridge to freezer.  

    Look for features that keep your food fresh

    Did you know that the average family throws away around £60 of food a month? Yikes! Thankfully appliance brands are addressing this mountain of food waste with technology that can keep your groceries fresher for longer.

    Humidity-controlled drawers: Vegetables, fruit and salad like humidity, so an appliance with a humidity-controlled drawer will stop them from icing up or going soggy. So long, mushy cucumbers! Occasionally the whole fridge compartment might be humidity controlled.

    Cool zone: A fridge drawer that’s at a lower temperature of 0°C or 2°C to store meat, fish and dairy more effectively. Some have a choice of temperature settings (0°C, 2°C or 4°C for meat, dairy and veg accordingly)

    Fast freezing: This increases the speed at which your food is frozen, locking in more flavour and nutrients of any fresh food.

    Twin Cooling: Separate air circulation compressors in the fridge and freezer ensures the cold air from the freezer doesn’t dry out the contents of the fridge.

    Blue-light technology: LEDs that mimic the sun’s rays, encouraging the process of photosynthesis in your greens to make them last longer.

    Active air filtration: This removes odours capable of contaminating other foods – smelly cheeses spring to mind

    Where have all the A+ rated fridge freezers gone?



    You might be wondering why we’ve chosen so many terribly inefficient D, E and F rated fridge freezers. Well fear not, since March 2021 a new energy label came into effect, with the removal of the A+, A++ and A+++ ratings. The familiar colour scale remains, but a simpler A to G ranking system will be used instead. But the important thing to note is that models that previously boasted an A+++ rating are now rated D.

    Can you change the internal layout?



    Filling a fridge after a big shop can be a lot like playing Jenga. However, handy storage solutions can make the game – sorry – task a whole lot easier. These are some of the most useful to look for.

    • Telescopic fridge and freezer drawers that run on rails so you can pull them out and see right to the back without them falling out onto the floor
    • Curved bottle racks for safely storing wine and other bottles on their side
    • Shelves that fold up to make space below for tall items
    • Removable fridge trays and ice dispensers that allow you to take your chilled condiments or ice cubes straight to the table.
    • Shallow freezer trays that can hold items that might otherwise get lost

    Ice on demand

    An ice and water dispenser are a convenient feature, as it can serve ice for a drink or a glass of chilled water at the push of a button. Before you buy, check if it’s a plumbed or non-plumbed model. If you go down the plumbed route, you’ll likely have to pay more to have it installed. But on the up side, you’ll never need to replenish the water tank.

    Why do I need to connect my fridge freezer to the internet?

    With a wi-fi connected fridge-freezer, you’ll be able to put it into holiday mode when you’re at the airport. Or activate the fast-freeze mode as you leave the supermarket. Some also have cameras inside that capture the contents of the fridge every time you close it. When you’re shopping, open the app on your phone to see the latest photos and decide what you need to top up on.

    But in truth, you don’t need to connect your fridge to the internet, but we do love the fact that some brands can identify possible faults before they happen, saving you the potential disaster of a rapidly thawing freezer.

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