Emma Select Diamond Hybrid mattress review

The Emma Select Diamond Hybrid mattress is part of a customisable range of mattresses in a box, available in store. We tested to see if this hybrid was the best of both worlds

Emma Select Diamond Hybrid mattress on a grey bed base and headpiece in a room with flowers
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Ideal Home Verdict

The Emma Select Diamond Hybrid mattress is part of a customisable range of mattresses in a box, available in store. We tested to see if this hybrid was the best of both worlds

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Cooling that made sure this hot sleeper was comfy all night

  • +

    Zoned HRX foam that yields in all the right places

  • +

    Next to no motion transfer

  • +

    Removable cover for washing

  • +

    No nasty chemical smell

  • +

    Lighter than similar hybrids we have tried

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not as much edge support as we are accustomed to

  • -

    May need rotating occasionally

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The Emma Select Diamond Hybrid mattress is a a hybrid in more ways than one. Not only is it constructed from a mix of foam and springs, it also pairs the mattress in a box ethos of comvenience with the option to customise the product to your own needs. And, it is available in store from the likes of Furniture Village, so if you are someone who does like to see a product up close before you buy, it offers a more familiar experience.

Pitched as their most advanced line of mattresses yet, we were excited to be given the chance to test the Emma Select range. First, you choose your comfort level – firm foam, or hybrid foam and pocket springs for a bit more give and bounce. Next, choose from three sleep technologies: Emma Smart for extra support and pressure relief; Emma Helix with cooling tech for restless sleepers; or Emma Diamond with a graphite core to dissipate body heat and offer a more restorative sleep. Not completely sure whether we needed cooling, pressure relief or the lot, we plumped for the Emma Select Diamond Hybrid with its promise of regenerative rest.

Find out how it fared when we tested it this winter and whether it deserves a slot alongside the other Emma mattresses on our best mattress list.

Emma Select Diamond Hybrid

Why you can trust Ideal Home Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

Emma Select Diamond Hybrid specifications:

  • Type: Hybrid of foam and pocket springs
  • Sizes: Single, small double, double, king, super king
  • Comfort level: Medium

Who will this mattress suit?

Anyone who is new to the mattress in a box world, but wants the convenience of delivery and latest in sleep tech will love this mattress. The one we tried is a mix of springs and foam, but with foam only options and three sleep technologies to choose from, you get to experienece all the choice of in-store mattress shopping, but only have to go in to the store to try if you really want to. Otherwise it is a few clicks away and you can have that mattress neatly delivered in no time.

Then, on a comfort level, this mattress is really good at catering for a number of sleep positions. Many of the hybrid mattresses we have tried have been a little bit too firm for front sleepers, so being able to go for a slightly softer surface means the Emma Select Diamond Hybrid is a great choice for a guest bed, or for a couple who sleep in different positions.

We always recommend hybrid mattresses for those looking to change from a life on memory foam or pocket springs, and this one is a really good introduction – and the option to try in store means those befuddled by a growing online mattress market do have the chance for in person assistance if needed.

Unboxing: how easy is it to set up this mattress?

The Emma Select Diamond Hybrid comes rolled and in a box. We were impressed by how light this mattress was compared to other hyrbids we have tested (including those from Emma) and found it easy enough to get up a very narrow and steep set of stairs to a first floor bedroom. Once there, it was no problem lifting it onto the bed to release from the plastic wrap. The ease of manouevering was welcome as unlike many similar mattresses that don't need turning, the Emma Select Diamond should be turned top-to-toe every so often.

It looked and felt ready to lie on in minutes, but they recommend leaving it for four hours to air and inflate. The product description mentions an odour when directing to air it, but we barely noticed any bad smell at all.

This mattress is just over 25cm deep – pretty standard for this type of mattress but shallow enough to be easy to dress with a standard fitted sheet. Another thing we welcome. And we like the texture of the non-slip base which means it won't shift about on the bed base. We put it on a close-slatted bed, but a divan platform would be best suited and the non-slip base would really come in handy there.

White mattress set-up on a wooden bed frame in a blue walled room

(Image credit: Future PLC/Lindsey Davis)

How comfortable is the Emma Select Diamond Hybrid?

The unrolled mattress looked pretty inviting so we had a quick lie down before we even dressed the bed. I was instantly impressed by how comfortable I was, whatever sleep position I tried. I usually sleep on my side and this was my go-to, and due to the give in the foam layer, I could have happily slept on this bed without a pillow. Next, I rolled on to my front. A common criticism of the latest hybrids is that they are often a little bit too firm for front sleepers, but this definitely wasn't an issue. I also felt well cradled on my back and my other half who has been struggling with back pain said everything felt 'back in the right place' when he lay down.

But how did it fare overnight? Even better. It did not take long to get comfy and drop off. I sleep with my arm under my head and felt like the mattress top moulded to every awkwardly placed limb. The cushioning on joints was also really good – it is hard to describe but it feels like however you lie, everything just levels out. I was expecting to still move around a bit on that first night as a new mattress can take at least 30 days to get used to, but I barely moved.

My partner on the other hand switches from side, to back, to front every time he is slightly awoken which can make for a disruptive night for me. He clearly had changed positions in the night as he went to sleep on his side and woke on his front, but I didn't notice at all thanks to the lack of motion transfer. It is only noticeable if someone really flops down right next to you – otherwise the springs and foam combo take all the impact.

Woman lying on a white mattress in a white and blue walled room

(Image credit: Future PLC/Lindsey Davis)

The deep, cushioning foam layer on the top is really adaptive and comfortably cradles you from head to toe. More give for hips and shoulders means your head is aligned, even without a pillow

Cooling properties

I was particularly interested in testing out the graphite foam that claims to help body heat dissipate for the perfect sleeping temperature. I have awful temperature regulation and can go from freezing cold to a clammy mess in no time. Now I will caveat this by saying that we tested the mattress through winter when average temperatures were not getting above 14°C by day, but as I am prone to compensating with too many duvets, throws and thick pyjamas, I was glad to find I did sleep through without waking up too hot or cold. We will update this review on the other side of summer though, when we can test it against some hotter nights.

What is the edge support like?

My only complaint on the comfort side is that the edge support is not as good as other hybrid mattresses I have slept on, including the Emma Hybrid which actually has slightly less give at the edges. This is important because if you sleep on the edge of the bed – like I seem to do, even on a king size – you can be left feeling a little precariously balanced.

Black kettle bell on a white mattress with a wooden bed frame and a measuring tape

(Image credit: Future PLC/Lindsey Davis)

Testing the support in the centre

To check this wasn't just me imagining it, I used a 20kg kettle bell and compared the dip between the centre of the bed and the edge. Using a laser level in line with the surface of the mattress, I measured the dip in the centre to be six centimetres, while towards the edge it was about nine. It isn't a deal breaker, but something you might take a bit more seriously if you are sharing a double or share with a larger person.

Black kettle bell on a white mattress with a wooden bed frame and a measuring tape

(Image credit: Future PLC/Lindsey Davis)

What is the Emma Select Diamond Hybrid made from?

Materials matter, so another thing to consider when buying a mattress is what it is made from. The Emma Select Diamond Hybrid is a combination of:

  • Pocket sprung core for bounce and lift
  • Zoned HRX foam and adaptive comfort foam for support and cushioning
  • Diamond degree graphite foam for cooling
  • 99% polyester, 1% elastane removable cover

You can see the construction of the mattress (the springs are hidden within) when you open the cover which can be washed at 40°C. This is a nice touch for adding longevity to the mattress, as you don't want to spend over £1,000 on a mattress that can't easily be kept clean (even the best mattress protector can only protect your bed so far).

Emma Select Diamond sponge mattress layers on a wooden bed frame

(Image credit: Future PLC/Lindsey Davis)

When you open the cover you can see the various layers of foam, shroading the pocket springs

What we would like from Emma is some more idea of the provenance of the materials used here. Other brands are explicit on where the foam has been obtained through recycling or environmentally friendly means and we also like the growing use of natural materials such as wool and bamboo for the covers and parts that come closer to your body. This doesn't detract from the quality and comfort of the mattress, but for a premium price point we are beginning to expect more emphasis on the sustainability front. This is British designed and made though, so from that point of view, it wins back a few marks.

How does the Emma Select Diamond Hybrid compare to other mattresses?

First, we should compare to the existing range of Emma mattresses that they became so well known for. As this is argued to be their most advanced line, we were expecting a tiny bit more of a wow moment from the comfort because the Emma Original consistently gets 5 out of 5 in all of our testing. However, this was as comfortable (edge support aside), we just thought as it is twice the price of the Emma Original it would be a bit more obvious in the feel. That said, with Emma mattress discount codes you may be able to get this version at more of a deal.

Plus, it does have loads of other benefits. For one, you can go into any Furniture Village and have a quick lie down, compare it to the Select Smart and Helix and have that in person shopping experience you lack by going fully online (though we recommend checking our pricing tools for the latest offers once you have chosen).

It also has a removeable cover and the standard Emma range does not. For us this has become a bit of a must have now so many brands are offering it. Even though the mere idea of wrestling a mattress cover back on has us breaking out in a sweat, being able to wash something that carries a 10-year guarantee should be the norm.

Finally, we think the cooling might be slightly better on this than on the Emma Original, though we need to stress we haven't tested it in summer. To back that up, I didn't wake up at all warm or uncomfortable while testing this, but I have had the odd over-cosy night on the Emma Original – but I should stress that was in warmer weather and the Original is still not a stuffy sleep at all.

But how does the Emma Select Diamond compare to hybrid mattresses of a similar price point? I sleep on a Simba Hybrid Luxe every night which I also rate as 4.5 stars out of 5. I get a lot more edge support from that, but it is a firmer mattress on the whole. If I was a front sleeper (or slept every way like my other half), I might be inclined to prefer the Emma Select though and he said for him they are pretty much on a par. I would not be able to fall asleep on my front on the Simba Hybrid Luxe, but think I could get comfy any way on this one. However in my default side sleep position, I prefer the Luxe.

Other premium picks from the mattress in a box brands I have tried are deeper and heavier too. They don't need turning like this, but they are harder to put a sheet on and just harder to move when you inevitably have to. If I was renting and likely to be moving house in the next few years, the thought of moving the Emma is far less intimidating.

White Emma Select Diamond mattress on a wooden bed frame in a blue wall room

(Image credit: Future PLC/Lindsey Davis)

Is the Emma Select Diamond Hybrid worth the money?

The Emma Select Diamond Hybrid mattress is worth the money when you look at the longevity and cost per use. If this is your first foray into hybrids it is a very safe bet, and as aforementioned you get plenty of versatility from it as it suits all sleepers. It is washable which we love, easy to live with because it is easy to move and of course, very comfortable. We will report back on how the cooling technology lives up to a British summer, but I fell asleep on it wearing a dressing gown one night and didn't overheat so that is a good sign. And if it cuts the need for a separate cooling mattress pad, the investment seems even more sensible.

How did we test this mattress?

This mattress was sent to us free of charge by Furniture Village who are lead stockist of the Emma Select range. They let us keep the mattress for prolonged testing which we carried out between January and March of 2022. As the mattress is kept in my other half's home I have been testing it a few nights a week over this period, giving me a good chance to get used to it, while comparing it to my own mattress at home.

We have been allowed to keep the mattress and will be able to update the review over time.

For more context, it helps to know about me – the reviewer – and my sleep style. I've been testing mattresses for a couple of years as part of my work as Editor in Chief of Homes Ecommerce on Ideal Home and other interiors titles. This means I know about the latest releases, what kind of technology mattress brands are adding to their products and how they all compare price wise. My sleep is varied. I am quite a light sleeper and woken easily by noise, warmth, cold, light and even sometimes weird smells. However I do not suffer with any specific sleep issues and would say my sleep is generally good when environmental factors are on my side.

I share my bed with my partner who is 6 foot four inches and weighs nearly 50 per cent more than me, so it can be hard getting my share of the space. He can be a restless sleeper too, so I love a mattress with limited motion transfer and good edge support to avoid his tossing and turning.

Lindsey Davis
Editor in Chief of Ecommerce

Lindsey Davis is Editor in Chief of Ecommerce for the Homes vertical at Future, looking after product content on brands including Ideal Home, Homes & Gardens and Livingetc. She is also Acting Editor of Realhomes.com having worked on the brand for nearly seven years where she was Senior Web Editor, then Associate Editor. Prior to building her expertise in shopping, Lindsey worked on the UK’s leading self build magazine and website, Homebuilding & Renovating, where she honed her knowledge around building and home transformations.