Expert shares best ways to clean skirting boards – using tumble dryer sheets is one!

Are you thinking outside the box when it comes to cleaning yours?

Cleaning Facebook groups are the go to now for many with cleaning questions. It was on the 'Hinch Army Cleaning Tips' page where one member simply asked, 'Best way to clean skirting boards?'

Within no time at all, the group had answers – 191 in fact. Some said with baby wipes, with others suggesting trying the Pink Stuff, one even said try a toothbrush!

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The simple question got us asking among the Ideal Home team, how do you clean yours? We turned to the cleaning experts at My Job Quote (opens in new tab) to offer definitive expert advice.

Best ways to clean skirting boards

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When it comes to cleaning a home throughly skirting boards are often neglected. Due to the low level they can be overlooked. If your skirting boards are looking tired and tatty, don’t panic, we've compiled the best cleaning methods, plus a few extra tips to keep them looking fresh.

1. Dusting and vacuuming skirting boards

'Dusting and vacuuming is a popular way to clean skirting boards efficiently. A feather duster and a long vacuum attachment are recommended – so there’s no need to bend down or kneel on the floor.' the experts advise. 'To begin, use the vacuum to get rid of any large build-up of dust from the skirting boards, then grab the feather duster to clean any awkward spots and angles.'

It’s advised to do this every few weeks to prevent a large build-up of dust and cut down on cleaning times.

2. Washing with soap & warm water

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'This is the standard way to clean your skirting boards, and it works!' they exclaim. 'You can scrub off any built-up dirt and grime, and get rid of any scuff marks too, leaving your skirting boards looking shiny and new.'

Make sure to wring out the cleaning cloth or sponge, ensuring it’s slightly damp rather than soaking wet. To avoid damaging your skirting boards.

Top tip: 'Using fabric softener rather than soap will not only clean your skirting boards from debris but will leave them smelling fantastic too!'

3. Wipe with tumble dryer sheets

The experts suggest this alternative method. Saying, 'This cleaning method isn’t so conventional as soap and water, but it’ll leave your skirting board with an amazing, shiny finish. Rubbing down clean skirting boards with a tumble dryer sheet will prevent dust and debris from sticking thanks to the static it creates.'

It’s recommended you do this every couple of months to help reduce the build-up of dust.

4. Use a baseboard mop for ease

'If getting on your hands and knees to scrub the skirting boards is putting you off cleaning them, it’s worth investing in a baseboard mop. It’s perfect for reaching those difficult angles while standing.'

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Other handy tips for cleaning skirting boards

Try Magic Eraser

'If your skirting boards have tough to remove scuff marks Magic Erasers are your perfect tool, and they can be used all around your house too. This ingenious cleaning invention is used to remove grime and scuff marks and will leave your boards looking shiny.'

Clean with cotton buds

'Cotton buds are perfect for getting into those deep corners, folds, and tight spots. They pick up a lot more grime than you expect and can make a difference to the overall finish' say the team.

Pick up a paintbrush

Not just for painting it turns out. 'A small, thin, dry paintbrush can get rid of dust in any intricate spots as well as the top of the skirting boards. It gets deep into any folds or groves to ensure your skirting boards are entirely dust-free!'.

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The experts say, 'It’s always best to use a mixture of wet and dry methods to completely clean your skirting boards. Making sure your skirting boards are dust-free before you scrub them with soap and water will really give them an immaculate finish.'

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