5 easy decorating tips for landlords

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    The property rental market is still going strong so if you’re thinking about investing in a house or flat to let, or renting out an existing property, there’s a few decorating rules you need to know.

    1. Don’t get too personal

    A rule that many landlords are guilty of. What you may think are lovely touches of bold colour and pattern all over the property may actually be driving potential tenants away. Don’t get too personal with your taste, sticking to a neutral colour scheme will not only help create a light, open and airy space, but also mean that potential renters’ furnishings will go with the décor.

    2. Who’s your target market?

    By working out who your most likely renters are will give you an idea on how to present your property. For example, families may wish to bring some furniture with them, while students and young professionals may expect a fully furnished home.

    3. Don’t overfill the space

    Put excess furniture in storage or rearrange so that you can see more floor space, to give a more open, spacious feel.

    4. Tile where you can

    When it comes to decorating hardworking spaces, tiles are key. Not only are they an effective way to battle moisture and damp that can build up in kitchens and bathrooms, but tiles are also durable, easy to clean and more resistant than paint.

    5. Spend extra on floors

    Floors have the most wear and tear to contend with so spending a little extra money on hardwearing flooring or carpet will pay dividends in the long run.

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