Revealed: The best rural districts to live in Britain

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  • Where is the best place to live in the UK countryside?

    According to a recent survey, the happiest country in the world is Denmark thanks to a good GDP and healthy life expectancy.

    With Britain in as the 23rd happiest country in the world, we want to know where all these happy people live exactly… Well, it looks like they’re out in the countryside.

    A report by the Halifax bank has measured quality of life across the UK countryside and has scored South Oxfordshire the highest thanks to good health, happiness and long life expectancy.

    Chiltern, a leafy district of Buckinghamshire, came in second while Rutland in the East Midlands swiped third place.

    Overall, however, it is the rural districts that surround London and occupy the South East that take 16 of the top 50 spots. Beyond that, the East of England claims 12 of the top 50 positions.

    So, what constitutes ‘good quality of life’?

    Well, the survey takes a wide range of factors into account, a few of which are general health amongst residents, life expectancy, crime rate, school results and even the weather.

    So, the rain may dampen your quality of life if you live in a northern county…

    High rates of rural employment in South Oxfordshire and Chiltern helped them climb the ladder and good weekly wages made them happier in turn too.

    The survey also looked into the quality of housing, including the size.

    The biggest country homes can be found in Uttlesford, Essex and Chiltern and Rutland where the average house has a whopping 6.4 bedrooms.

    Scottish homes are the smallest, with the Orkney Islands, East Lothian, Highlands and Argyle properties having an average of no more than 4.6 bedrooms – 0.8 rooms less than the country’s average.

    But this doesn’t necessarily mean they have a worse quality of life – after all, who doesn’t hanker for a rural cottage in the craggy Highlands…

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