Washing machines - our pick of the best

Washing machines have evolved over the past few years, which makes buying the right one a little more complicated than choosing the first white box you see.

Our list of the best washing machines is based on the reviews from our friends at Trusted Reviews who thoroughly test machines with the typical stains we all hate to get. Ketchup, coffee, wine, juice and oil are all included. So is blood, but we don’t want to ask the boffins where they get that from.

All the technical tests required to compare freestanding washing machines have been done so we’re casting our Ideal Home eyes over the looks and design of a product that’s increasingly prominent in our kitchens.

In this list you’ll also find a range of the best washing machines for all budgets.

Hotpoint RSG964J Washing Machine in kitchen

(Image credit: Hotpoint)

Hotpoint RSG964J Washing Machine


Energy: A+++ minus 10%
Capacity: 9kg
Speed: 1,600rpm maximum spin
Sensor : Wash on several programmes
Anti-Allergy: Anti-Allergy programme
Review Price: £520
Running cost: Approx. £66 a year

The sleek Hotpoint has had some major discounts that makes it hard to beat when it comes to value for money.

The large 9kg drum is good for big loads, and it’s with these that it excels. If you want to use it at its most efficient then you’ll want to use the Hotpoint to its maximum capacity.

As this is a level up from budget washing machines it does come with everything they do, but also features an antibacterial shield to reduce the buildup of mold and musty smells. It also comes with Direct Injection. This uses pre-mixed cleaning foam with special drum rotations to get between the fibres and remove difficult stains.

If you can find it at a discount then Hotpoint is a superb all-rounder, but it’s solid even at full price.

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Sharp ES-GFD9144W3 Washing Machine


Capacity: 9kg
Energy: A+++ rated
Spin: 1,400rpm
Door: Extra large door
Quick-Wash: 12-minute setting
Running cost: Approx. £26 a year
Review Price: £449

This striking washing machine comes with a huge, black, translucent door that makes it look like it’s come straight out of a sci-fi movie.

There’s a lot more to it than looks alone, though.

The Sharp is one of the best spinners around. It manages to extract a huge amount of water from washed clothes meaning you’ll need less time drying.

You can also tell it how dirty your clothes are, which alters the programme duration. Clever stuff.

While it’s not the simplest washing machine to get to grips with the Sharp is a well specified machine and solid cleaner.


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Samsung WW80H7410EW Washing Machine

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung WW80H7410EW Washing Machine


Load weight: 8kg drum
Technology: Ecobubble tech
Energy: A+++ energy rated
Programmes: 15 programmes
Speed: 1400rpm spin speed
Running cost: Approx. £32.5 a year
Review Price: £499

Samsung makes some of the best washing machines around, but you often have to pay a high price for excellence. Happily this machine doesn’t cost a small fortune.

It comes with a big tinted door, like the Sharp, which makes it stand out. You really won’t want to hide this beauty behind a cupboard door.

If getting the perfect wash is your biggest priority then you can’t beat the Samsung at this, or any other, price. Packing Samsung’s Ecobubble tech and an intensive stain removal system this washer managed to even shift engine oil from the test strip. That is impressive.

Samsung’s Smart Check error system can send alerts to your phone if there’s a blocked filter or other minor error so you don’t have to guess if something goes wrong. Oh and it’s nice and quiet too.


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Whirlpool FSCR10432 Washing Machine in kitchen

(Image credit: Whirlpool)

Whirlpool FSCR10432 Washing Machine


Energy: A+++ minus 60% rated
Weight: 10kg load
Programmes: 18 Programmes
Sound: Super-quiet
Speed: 1,400rpm spin
Running cost: Approx. £58 a year
Review Price: £550.00

If you want a washing machine that doesn’t disturb the tranquil bliss of your home then Whirlpool has the answer.

Yet another entry on our list that could win a beauty contest, the Whirlpool also has a lot going for it when it comes to clever tech. Firstly it’s properly quiet, quieter than any other machine tested.

There’s a bit of a price to pay. Washing performance isn’t quite as stellar as other machines here, although things get better if you use one of the more intense cycles. The huge 10kg capacity means it can work for big families too.


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Samsung ADDWASH WW80K6414QW Washing Machine


Weight: 8kg maximum load
Energy: A+++ energy rated
Speed: 1400rpm spin
Features: AddWash feature
Technology: EcoBubble and Smart Control
Running cost: Approx. £33 a year
Review Price: £699.00

Are we cliche enough to leave the best until last? We sure are.

The Samsung Addwash has a party piece that leaves us slapping our heads as to why no-one had thought of it sooner.

You see you can pause the Samsung while it’s washing, open a small drawer built into the door and add small items of clothing you forgot about or that dropped on your way to the wash. It’s pure genius.

This washing machine excels in every area and has all the other mod cons you’d expect from a top-of-the-range model, and some you won’t. You can start or stop it from your phone and it can even ping you a message when a load is done. That is very smart indeed.

It’s the most expensive machine on our list, but it’s also our favourite.

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Indesiy My Time EWD 81482 Washing Machine

(Image credit: Indesit)

Indesit My Tme EWD 81482 Washing Machine


Capacity: 8kg
Energy: A++ Energy rating
Speed: 1,400rpm max spin speed
Time: Washes under an hour
Sensors: Load weight sensing
Running cost: Approx. £40 a year
Review Price: £249.00

The Indesit is a budget washing machine, but one that manages to pack loads of features. There are plenty of standard programmes and a clever light indicator to let you know where the wash process is at. It also comes with sensor load adjustment that automatically adjusts the use of water and electricity based on the size of the load. All this is combined with a fast spin that’s surprisingly quiet.

The 8kg capacity is decent, however while it can handle that weight you might find it tricky to fill it to the max since the drum is a little small. Thankfully wash results and energy efficiency are both solid for a washing machine that cost less than £250.


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Hisense WFH8014 Washing Machine


Energy: A+++ rated
Capacity: 8kg max load
Programmes: 15 programmes
Speed: 1,400rpm Spin
Sensor: Load weight sensing
Running cost: Approx. £31 a year
Review Price: £259

Hisense may not be a brand you’ve heard of much, but don’t let that perturb you. This is a washing machine that costs less than £300, washes well, doesn’t use much water or power and has sensor load technology.

What we like best about this Hisense machine, though is its handsome looks – you don’t often get style at this budget. The stylish door makes this an appliance you won’t be ashamed to feature in your kitchen.

It’s also efficient. If you have a large family and regularly wash heavy loads you will save on electricity and water.


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We'll be updating this list of the best washing machines as new models surface and are fully reviewed.