Moving in together? We reveal the optimum time to do it

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  • From saying ‘I love you’ to the chiming of wedding bells, we take a look at those relationship milestones and when to expect them

    From dropping the L-bomb to moving in, we discover how long the nation takes to reach those relationship landmarks…

    All relationships move at a different pace, with some people leaping in with both feet from the off and others opting to take it more slowly. After surveying 1000 users, dating app Happn, has revealed how long it takes the average person to hit those all-important relationship milestones. Unsurprisingly there was a definitive gender split when it came to men and women and when they were ready to take the next step in their relationship…

    When it comes to that all-important L word, it’s women who are first to divulge their feelings, with 62% saying ‘I love you’ between three and six months – almost as soon as they feel it. Men take a little while longer to ‘fess up to their feelings, saying they felt it after three months but waited 6 months to say it.

    Moving in together is a big step – from merging your possessions (because you really can’t justify two toasters, however much you love a good crumpet) to discovering that they’re more of a floordrobe than a wardrobe kinda person, it’s a journey of discovery (and sometimes not an overly smooth one).

    They say you can never truly know someone until you live with them, and people who have discovered their partner’s irritating habits such as the propensity to leave the rubbish until it’s overflowing on to the floor would wholeheartedly agree with that! So at what point in your relationship is the optimum time to move in together?

    Nearly two-thirds of women would move in with their partner after 18 months or less, but over a third of men would wait two years or more. However, fear not, if you’re already mentally packing your bags, most couples discuss moving in together within a year.

    And when it comes to wedding bells? The majority of both men and women take two years before they feel ready to commit.
    Women don’t want to be engaged for too long it seems, with 70% wanting to get married within three years of a relationship, while 62% of men want to wait three years or more.

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