7 ways to a make a great display

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  • Everything you need to know to work wonder onto your walls

    When it comes to hanging photography or artwork around the home, even the most casual and random display careful planning to get right. Whether you’re looking to create some instant impact, or searching for a way to make the most of limited space, there’s a display technique for you in our seven ways to a great wall of frames.

    1. Pick and mix

    Take one theme such as fashion, then pull together different types of media such as illustration, photography and graphic magazine covers in various sizes and styles. Mix vintage and modern frames for a casual, eclectic feel, and tie it together with a canvas for the collection, such as this painted blue wall.

    2. Rite of passage

    A busy thoroughfare such as a hallway is an ideal (and often unused) space to host a gallery. Create a curated feel by using similar frames and sticking to black and white photography – the monochrome theme of this frame wall and the photography mirrors the colourless decorating style of this space.

    3. In the charts

    Make the most of your LP collection by framing album covers for a personalised, punchy look. When the artwork is busy the look can be calmed down with a highly structured display – symmetry and order are powerful tools – here, the vertical white strips and chunky frames divide the space effectively and provide a contrast to a vibrantly painted background.

    4. Take the floor

    Floor standing artwork can add a real sense of drama to a space, as seen with the pop-art print in this colourufl living room. Choose a large piece to play with scale and co-ordinate colours in the piece with the room to pull the scheme together – stick to a simple, slim frame to ensure the it doesn’t feel too intrusive on the room.

    5. Colour chameleon

    Matching pops of colour in your interior accessories can add an interesting dimension to a space. If you’re working with a feisty bright, be sure to use small amounts and contrast with more classic pieces and neutral decor so as not to overwhelm, like the skillfully styled green and blue frames against this patterned cabinet and grey wall.

    6. Establish a theme

    Maintaining a theme gives a real gallery feel to your display. Contrasting modern decor with historical artwork like these framed vintage prints creates that fabulous juxtaposition between old meets new and satisfies an appetite for all thing heritage without cramping your contemporary style.

    7. Cluster up

    Learning how to angle and arrange your cluster is key. Have a play around with sizes, shapes and styles to make sure it suits the wall you’re working with. A larger space can take bolder displays, like the farily close together frames on this open and airy wall. If you overwhelm a whole wall of a small room, it could feel cluttered so be sure to experiement using non permanent adhesive before you start bang nails in the wall.


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