7 unrivalled perks of a country childhood

From amazing rope swings to cute garden residents, there’s nothing better than a childhood spent growing up in idyllic countryside

1. Nature’s playground
Forget DVD’s and computer games, playtime consists of hours spent exploring woods, forests, fields and barns where you can let your imagination run wild. Clearings become magical fairy glades, caves became castles… to this day you probably still know the best spots for building a den or hanging a rope swing!

2. Top transport Tractors, combine harvesters, diggers, lorries… the list of vehicles and machinery that run through country lanes is enough to get any small child excited, particularly when the farmers let you sit up in the driving seat.

3. Small schools
The beauty of going to a rural primary school? The classes are so tiny! Unless you’ve grown up in the local village, you aren’t a pupil – the likelihood is you knew everyone before you even started, including your teacher!

Free sweets
A trip into the village always ends with a sweet treat, whether you have money on you or not! Just pop a few penny chews on your parent’s tab at the local corner shop and they’ll be none the wiser…

Open houses
Forgotten your key? Not a problem, theft and crime is much less common in the countryside, so people are much more relaxed about locking their front doors, meaning an open house at all times!

Animals on the doorstep
Dogs, cows, chickens, the next-door neighbour’s fat little pony… all manner of cute country pets take up residence in your garden. Your very own petting zoo a stone’s throw from your back door – every child’s dream!

Health and fitness
Running around open fields, eating homegrown food and breathing in fresh clean air doesn’t just make for a happy childhood, it sets you up for life, with studies showing great health benefits;
resistance to allergies, better hearing and a strong respiratory system to name just a few.

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