Worried about protecting your garden this summer? Here’s how a bespoke security kit can help

Keep your garden safe with the help of BURG-WÄCHTER.

Burg-Wächter Security
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As summer approaches, many homeowners will be looking to take advantage of the longer and brighter days by spending more time in their gardens. However, with the joys of outdoor living come security concerns. Gardens can be especially vulnerable in summer when the garden furniture is out, or you’re regularly coming in and out of your back door.

Fortunately, Germany's premier security brand BURG-WÄCHTER has launched a set of bespoke security kits offering tailored solutions to safeguarding outdoor spaces, providing some much-needed peace of mind. Here’s what you need to know.

 Why you should protect your garden 

When we think of home burglaries, our minds often turn to inside the home. But 9 out of 10 household thefts occur in the garden, while 1.6 million households have suffered theft from their gardens in the previous two years.

Furniture, BBQs, and heaters are just some big-ticket items that you might have in the garden and it’s worth considering how secure and protected these items are with the above facts and figures in mind.

Burg-Wächter Security

(Image credit: Burg-Wächter Security)

 How to protect your garden 

When it comes to garden security, there are many options out there. Outside security lights offer protection by ensuring intruders can't approach without being seen, while fences and bushes can help make a garden more secure while also making it feel more private.

However, the most cost-effective security solution is to invest in a security kit, especially if you have already invested in something expensive like furniture which you want protecting.

Everything you need in one box

BURG-WÄCHTER, has come up with several "all in one box" security solutions to solve the common security issues many of us have in our gardens. 

Just invested in an expensive BBQ or some garden furniture? Keep a lot in your garden shed or garage and want to make sure it’s all safe? Leave your bike hanging outside your back door? Well, there’s a security box for you.

Each box comes with everything you need for the particular security issue you’re looking to solve. The patio security kit, for example, is designed for securing patio furniture, and comes with a ground & wall anchor, extra long braided steel security cable, and a police-approved U-bolt lock.

The shed security kit meanwhile comes with two padlocks, a ground/wall anchor with metal back plate, heavy-duty braided steel security cable, and a battery-operated motion sensor alarm.

As everything you need is included in the kit, no time is wasted looking for different parts, while each set has been designed to be as easy as possible to use and reuse. All you need is the box and you’re good to go.

Burg-Wächter Security

(Image credit: Burg-Wächter Security)

 Garden security you can trust 

Not only are the garden security kits convenient and easy to use, but above all, this is security you can trust. 

The kits include products that have been independently tested by Sold Secure, part of the Master Locksmith Association and the people that regulate locksmiths in the UK. They’re also approved by Secured by Design, the official police initiative that works to improve security through good product design. 

The shed, patio and BBQ kits are all available from Amazon or DIY.com. Start protecting your home today.

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