This bland and disjointed home has been turned into a hygge-inspired sanctuary

The calm colour scheme and tranquil vibe is a winning formula

bedroom with wall panelling and neutral colour scheme
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Having a home where the rooms work cohesively together and the colour palette is the same throughout can create a beautifully calm environment, but it's not always easy to get it right. You need to look at each room individually as well as a whole, ensuring that you play to their strengths and that the colour schemes are right for the light they get. 

Creating this type of tranquil space is one of the key factors in achieving a cosy hygge home, and we've got the perfect example of someone getting it right to show you.

Hygge home makeover

Homeowner Rachael, who lives in Preston, Lancashire with her husband Matt, six-year-old daughter Freya and their dog Hugo, bought her new-build house almost eight years ago. Drawn to the large master bedroom and the property's other attributes, she was keen to get started on decorating her new home.

'I love the hygge concept and wanted the house to feel like a sanctuary and a place of calm when we all come in after a busy day at work or school,' she says. 


living room with wall of storage and wall-hung tv

(Image credit: @Our_Hatton_Home / Frenchic Paint)

The living area, part of an open-plan kitchen space, didn't look particularly inviting to begin with.

'This room is a decent sized open-plan space but we’ve never really known how to make the most of it,' explains Rachael. 'It’s always been a tricky area to plan. We’ve tried furniture in every position possible and a few different colourways, but nothing ever felt right. Originally we had a brick slip wall here, which just never felt right.'

before pic of a dark bedroom

(Image credit: @Our_Hatton_Home / Frenchic Paint)

A good sized room, the master bedroom wasn't fulfilling its potential and had a somewhat bland feel to it, before Rachael and Matt put their decorating skills to work. 


living room with green sofa and wall panelling

(Image credit: @Our_Hatton_Home / Frenchic Paint)

Gone is the storage and TV wall and in its place is some timeless wall panelling and a soft green sofa, making an inviting seating spot to relax in. 

'I wanted a sociable space where we could all hang out together at the end of a busy day or at the weekend, and be able to do different things,' says Rachael. 'Matt is fantastic at DIY and he worked his design magic here, putting up the square-effect wall panelling, which works really well. The only fiddly part was measuring it all to make sure each square is equal in size.'

living room with green sofa and wall panelling

(Image credit: @Our_Hatton_Home / Frenchic Paint)

'We went for Silver Birch by Frenchic Paint, which is a really versatile colour and looks different in different light,' Rachael continues. 'It really is the perfect shade of greige. The colour of this paint is amazing and the coverage is fantastic too. A little goes a long way!'

Teamed with a snuggly rug underfoot, some cushions, blankets and a corner lamp, this area feels homely, inviting and ultimately cosy.

bedroom with wall panelling and neutral colour scheme

(Image credit: @Our_Hatton_Home / Frenchic Paint)

The same treatment has been given to the bedroom. 'I always wanted this room to be a calm space,' says Rachael. 'Matt draw up my ideas and created my dream panelled wall in next to no time.' 

The pair tried a couple of different things before finally settling on this colour for the walls – 'I wanted the same vibe to run through our home, with that feeling of calmness and warmth, so I chose to use Frenchic's Silver Birch again. It’s turned out just how I wanted it and I love the combination of beige and grey. It immediately created that calm, warm feel I wanted in the bedroom.'

bed with white Ikea bedside table

(Image credit: @Our_Hatton_Home / Frenchic Paint)

Adding some cosy blankets, aromatherapy candles and greenery means the bedroom is now a calm space to relax.

With wall panelling in two of Rachael's rooms and the same greige and neutral colour palette, you can see how it's helped the house feel more cohesive. To see more of her home, visit Rachael on Instagram at @Our_Hatton_Home.

Frenchic Paint has partnered with mental health charity Samaritans to help raise money for their vital, lifesaving services.

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