Melitta AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine review

We reviewed Melitta’s latest coffee filter machine to find out if it’s perfect for your daily caffeine fix

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Ideal Home Verdict

The Melitta AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine offers a choice of freshly ground coffee beans or ground coffee for your morning brew. With lots of extra features such as an easy preset timer and a 3-in-1 limescale protection system, it’s a great addition to your kitchen if you enjoy a great-quality filter coffee. However, it could be too big for some kitchens and too expensive if you prefer ground coffee.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    High-quality design and build

  • +

    Stays hot for up to 60 mins

  • +

    Bean-to-cup function

  • +

    Ground coffee function

  • +

    Easy preset timer

  • +

    3-in-1 limescale protection

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    On the large side

  • -


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Melitta's new AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine promises to deliver the perfect cup of aromatic filter coffee with its integrated ceramic grinder, adjustable grinding settings and brewing strength making it a contender for the title of the best coffee machine. Designed to brew as many as 10 cups of coffee or as few as two, you can choose between freshly ground bean coffee or ready-ground coffee with this filter coffee machine

There’s also a handy timer feature, so you can wake up to freshly brewed coffee whenever you want. A 3-in-1 limescale protection system allows you to programme for water hardness, while a limescale indicator helps you keep the coffee machine clean and working efficiently.

It’s not cheap though, and may be too large for a smaller kitchen with limited worktop space or low cabinets. 

Find out how I got on with the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine when I tested it over a couple of weeks at home, using coffee beans and ground coffee and trying all its extra features.

Product specs

  • Coffee type: Filter
  • Coffee options: Bean or ground coffee
  • Water tank capacity: 1.25 litres
  • Filter size: No. 4
  • Cups: 2 to 10 cups
  • Accessories: Cleaning brush
  • Materials: Plastic and glass
  • Dimensions: 46.3 (H) x 26.8 (D) x 25.2cm (H)
  • Weight: 3.7kg
  • RRP: £235.00
Image of Joanne Lewsley
Joanne Lewsley

Joanne regularly tests home and garden products for UK and US websites, including Ideal Home, Top Ten Reviews and Live Science, evaluating the quality of home and garden gadgets by putting them through their paces in a natural home environment. She tested the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine over a couple of weeks at home, using coffee beans and ground coffee and trying out all its extra features.  

Unboxing the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine

The AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine comes in recyclable cardboard packaging with more cardboard protecting the machine inside. It also uses some plastic packaging which may or may not be recyclable depending on where you live, but this is minimal.  

I was surprised at how tall the machine is - over 40 cm. Thankfully we have a spot on our kitchen worktop that has no cabinets above it, otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to use this machine. So it’s well worth measuring the space you have to ensure the machine will fit and also leave enough space to fill the water tank and coffee bean container. At 70 cm long, the power cord should be enough to connect to a power source but again, something to be aware of. 

Testing the Melitta coffee machine at home

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Although you don't get a scoop with the AromaFresh filter coffee machine, you do get a cleaning brush for the grinder. The instruction manual is also easy to follow when it comes to setting up the machine, and parts of it are available online via a QR code, such as the cleaning and maintenance section. However, I couldn't access these as the QR code was too small to scan with my phone camera, which was a little frustrating.

Getting started with the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine

It's super easy to set up the coffee machine, though, as everything is already assembled and in place. All you have to do is plug it in and follow the manual instructions for setup.  If you have any excess power cord, you can conveniently store it using the cord spool located at the back of the machine. 

To display the time on your coffee machine or use the timer function, you'll need to set it up by holding down the H and M buttons. Holding these buttons down will speed up the process. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the display will switch to standby mode, showing only the time and possibly the timer symbol if it's set up. To restore the full display, you can press any button.

Testing the Melitta coffee machine at home

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Melitta recommends running the machine through two cycles with just water to clean any residual water from testing. Fill the water tank up to the 8 cup level marker, press the setting for using ground coffee, and repeat this process twice.

The AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine comes with a convenient water hardness setting that is preset to the hardest water setting. This is useful for me as I live in a hard water area. However, it's easy to change the setting if needed. Simply hold down the CALC button and briefly press the M button to make adjustments.

Testing the Melitta coffee machine at home

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You can also set how long you want the hotplate to keep your coffee warm. While it's ideal to drink your coffee fresh after brewing, you can choose to keep it warm for up to an hour. This is great for me as I often wake up earlier than my partner, who used to have to microwave his coffee. Setting it up is simple: hold down the Start/Stop button and briefly press the M button. This allows you to choose the desired time to keep your coffee warm, with 20, 40, or 60-minute options. Once you've set your preferred time, release the button. Your setting is now saved and ready to go.

Testing the Melitta coffee machine at home

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It's good to know that even if you unplug the coffee machine, it will remember the last time setting you chose. So, there's no need to worry about reconfiguring it each time you plug it back in.

The AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine comes with 5 paper filters, allowing you to start brewing as soon as you’ve prepared the machine for its first use. Inserting the filter is easy using the swing-out filter container at the front of the machine.

Testing the Melitta coffee machine at home

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If you prefer to use coffee beans, you can fill the coffee bean container to the brim. The machine will automatically dispense the correct amount of coffee based on the number of cups you've selected and the desired strength. You can choose from 2 to 10 cups and three strengths: mild, medium and strong. When using ground coffee, simply add your preferred amount of ground coffee to the filter.

It's important to ensure that you set up your machine for either ground coffee or coffee beans. This can be easily done through the LED display. Additionally, you can fine-tune the grinding fineness of your freshly ground coffee using the convenient 'grinding fineness regulator' located at the top of the machine.

How I got on with the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine

Brewing from ground coffee

If you've used a filter machine before, you'll find that the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine follows the same basic principles. Simply fill the water tank with the desired amount of water for the number of cups you want, add the appropriate amount of coffee to suit your taste, and switch on the appliance. I found that regardless of the volume, the coffee machine consistently produced a deliciously aromatic coffee every time.

As someone who enjoys a strong cup of Joe, I was very pleased with the intensity of the highest strength setting. On the other hand, my partner prefers a milder cup of coffee, and we tested that as well. While it's not to my personal taste, most people would be satisfied with the quality and strength it delivers.

The brewing time can vary depending on factors such as the number of cups and the coffee grind size, but generally, the brewing process for a standard-sized pot of coffee takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

Grinding fresh coffee beans

Making freshly-ground coffee with the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine is straightforward, and the results are fantastic. The integrated ceramic grinder offers eleven different grinding fineness settings. This feature allows you to adjust the grinding fineness based on your preference, ranging from fine to coarse, resulting in a wonderfully aromatic cup of filter coffee.

The grinding of the beans can be a bit noisy, but it won't disturb the entire house. The aroma of freshly ground coffee and the brewing process is almost irresistible, truly living up to the 'AromaFresh' name. We discovered that grinding the beans finely resulted in the best cup of coffee - strong and flavourful.

Coffee aroma, flavour and quality

During my testing, I tried four different types of coffee. First, I experimented with a supermarket's brand of Colombian ground coffee. Then I moved on to Italian coffee beans, known for their full-bodied flavour and strength.

In addition, I had the opportunity to use artisanal coffee, which is freshly roasted locally. This particular blend consisted of ground coffee sourced from the Americas and roasted coffee beans from Ethiopia.

I was thoroughly impressed with the flavour profiles that the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine was able to extract from each blend and type of coffee. It really showcased the machine's ability to deliver a rich and flavourful cup of coffee.

Design and build quality of the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine

Overall, the design of the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine is sleek and stylish, using matte black plastic throughout. The grooved ridges add a touch of cool coffee-shop aesthetics, while the smoked grey plastic water tank and grinder lid give it a premium and sophisticated look. 

The coffee jug itself is elegant and sleek, and I particularly appreciated the inclusion of a glass handle, which adds a stylish touch compared to a plain black plastic handle. All in all, the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine is a stunning addition to any kitchen. However, considering its price point of over £200, I would have liked to see more stainless steel incorporated into the design.

Cleaning the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine

After each use, you’ll need to wash the jug, but the good news is that it's dishwasher-safe. Thanks to the integrated drip stop in the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine's filter, you won't have to deal with annoying coffee drips on the hotplate.

The filter is easily removed and can be composted or binned. Melitta recommends regular cleaning of the bean container, grinder, and ground coffee chute. It's best to clean these parts when they're empty. You can find detailed instructions on how to clean them in the manual.

The manual also details how to descale the coffee machine when needed and gives step-by-step instructions.

How does the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine compare to other coffee filter machines?

Over the years, we've had our fair share of filter coffee machines, ranging from affordable Russell Hobbs models to high-end Cuisinart grind and brew machines. The Melitta AromaFresh is the largest coffee machine we've ever owned, and it took some time to adjust to its size.

However, the AromaFresh does produce an excellent cup of coffee, especially when you increase the brewing strength and use freshly ground beans. The coffee quality, convenient timer feature, and 60-minute keep warm feature convinced us to keep the AromaFresh filter coffee machine.

While the AromaFresh is reasonably priced for a bean-to-cup filter machine, most costing several hundred pounds, some users might find it too expensive. If grinding coffee beans isn't a priority, you could consider a more affordable filter machine. For example, the Breville Bijou Espresso Machine is perfect for budding home baristas, offering the versatility to make various coffee types, featuring a steam wand, and boasting a stylish brushed steel design. Moreover, it's priced nearly £100 lower than the AromaFresh.

Another option is the Smeg Lavazza A Modo Mio, which is gorgeously designed, as expected from the premium kitchen brand. It's available in a range of colorways, allowing you to find the perfect match for your kitchen decor. The price is similar to the AromaFresh, but this machine uses coffee pods.

Lastly, the KitchenAid Filter Coffee Machine is priced around £100 less than the AromaFresh. It delivers great filter coffee using coffee grounds and has a generous capacity of 1.7 litres. Ideal Home is in the process of writing a full review, but early results look promising.

Should you buy the AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine?

The Melitta®AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine combines cutting-edge features, customizable brewing options, and a sleek design to provide a really delicious cup of coffee. We found the timer feature, brewing strength control, and the ability to keep the coffee warm for up to an hour perfectly suited our household’s needs.

While it's true that the AromaFresh II comes with a higher price tag, it's important to consider the value it offers compared to other bean-to-cup filter machines. Additionally, the generous 3-year warranty and Melitta Service Competence guarantee provide peace of mind, ensuring that any potential issues can be repaired or the machine can be replaced.

Of course, if budget is a primary concern, there are more affordable options available on the market that can still deliver a quality cup of filter coffee. However, when considering the overall package of features, performance, and long-term reliability, the AromaFresh II proves to be a compelling choice.

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