This gold leaf covered cabinet transformation cost an incredible £20 thanks to some clever DIY tricks

Oh so Frenchic!

They say one person’s trash is another’s treasure - and that’s exactly what one woman set out to prove with this Frenchic green cabinet makeover

Katie Batten, from Wellington, Somerset, discovered a small old cabinet going for free to a good home on Facebook Marketplace and decided to snap it up for her latest upcycled furniture idea.

When the 31-year-old picked up the small, four-legged cabinet it was pretty worse for wear - stained from years of use, and missing a doorknob. But Katie wasn’t put off and was determined to transform it with one of the best paint for furniture - Frenchic paint.

Frenchic green cabinet makeover

Before and after of brown cabinet upcycled with green paint and gold handles

(Image credit: Future/PLC Katie Batten)

'I found the cupboard for free on Facebook Marketplace,' she says. 'I literally didn’t do any prep to it as that’s the best thing about Frenchic paint!'

Using the green Frenchic shade named Victory Lane, priced at £19.95 on the Frenchic website. Katie applied two coats to the tired cabinet. She then removed the old doorknobs and replaced them with gold-effect Sass and Belle wasp knobs.

Green Frenchic upcycled cabinet with gold handles and trimmings

(Image credit: Future PLC/Katie Batten)

The most striking part of the design has to be the sprawling, unique, intricate golden design on one of the cabinet’s corners. 'The gold effect is created using sheets of gold leaf,' Katie explains.

'I used approximately 40 small sheets,' she said. 'Simply apply glue to the area you want it, leave it to go tacky then dab on and apply the sheets of gold leaf,' she said, explaining the process.

Katie bought a 250ml tin of paint, but only used a mere third of it - so predicts that the upcycle cost her around £20.

Green upcycled cabinet with gold handles and detail

(Image credit: Future PLC/Katie Batten)

After applying finishing touches in the form of a case of on-trend dried flowers, Katie’s free cabinet has been completely transformed on a small budget.

Well, we think the former cabinet has been given a new lease of life and brings a serious case of ooh la la to her home.

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