Best exercise bikes – five top models for at-home spin workouts, hill climbing and more

Find the best exercise bike to make an easy task of working out your legs at home
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  • If you are looking for the best exercise bike to buy for home use, we can help you decide on a model fit for you. Whether you will be using it just until gyms re-open, or it’s for sporadic use, these models will help if you’re missing your weekly spin class.

    Having an exercise bike at home is a great way to get your heart pumping and your legs working without leaving the house. Exercise bikes are an extremely popular piece of home gym equipment – and for good reason.

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    In this guide we’ve compiled a round up of our five best exercise bikes for home use, from foldable buys to budget-friendly options, exercise bikes that are great for spin workouts and even one that’s comfortable and supportive on your back. Each exercise bike has been rated based on its size, features, adjustability and price.

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    What is the best exercise bike?

    best exercise bikes

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    Our overall best exercise bike for home use, especially if you are usually a spin-goer, is the Apex exercise bike. It’s certainly an investment but it is bursting with features from a live class feature and 32 levels of resistance. If you are looking for an affordable option, the Ultrasport F-Bike is both budget-friendly and compact since it’s foldable.

    Best exercise bikes 2021

    1. Apex Rides Exercise Bike

    Best exercise bike for home use

    Though an investment, the Apex exercise bike is the full package. It’s especially great for home use and if you miss going to spin class, or if you lack the motivation to workout  – this bike has everything you need. Use it to connect with a ready-made cycling community and to train with top instructors in order to reach your goals. All you need is an iPad or an iPhone and you’re set. No need to leave your house…

    Though not foldable, the Apex bike is on wheels for easy moving. It has a maximum user weight of 140kg and it’s adjustable – both the seat and pedals can be moved to suit your height. Also, the pedals have toe-straps to hold your feet in place, no matter how fast you cycle.

    This bike boasts an adjustable resistance – over 32 levels – and it has a 4kg flywheel. Though light, this flywheel makes it easy to move the bike around your home, and it offers a smooth ride. It’s also covered to be safe for use around pets and children. As for a screen, the Apex bike uses your own iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    There’s no doubting that this bike is an investment. Though its high-quality means you can use it every day with no issues. And we can’t forget about the unique selling point that you are also mostly paying for – the community aspect and the classes. If this isn’t something you will take advantage of, then you may be best to opt for another one of our picks.

    Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    View now: Apex Rides Exercise Bike

    2. Ultrasport F-Bike and F-Rider

    Best foldable exercise bike

    The Ultrasport F-Bike is feature-packed yet foldable. It’s also affordable and great for smaller spaces. It comes in a range of colour options to suit your home decor, too.

    Foldable and on wheels, this Ultrasport bike weights 15.5kg, and when folded it measures 131cm high and 45cm wide. It’s worth noting that this bike is not on wheels, and it has a maximum user weight of 100kg.

    With eight levels of adjustable resistance and a 1.5kg flywheel, this bike is better suited for beginners, or those who will be using it for a light to medium-paced workout. The bike’s seat is adjustable from 78cm to 86cm. It also has an LCD display so that you can see your time, distance, speed, calories burned and heart rate – there are hand pulse sensors.

    At just over the £100 mark, this exercise bike is a bargain. It has all of the features a beginner needs, and it’s foldable so it’s great for smaller spaces. 

    Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    View now: Ultrasport F-Bike and F-Rider, £109.99,

    3. JLL JF100 Exercise Bike

    Best budget-friendly exercise bike

    The JLL JF100 is affordable, compact and it’s great for all fitness levels – though it’s not the best option for those who love a spin class as you shouldn’t stand up on it. Makers of some of the best home gym equipment out there, rest assured that JLL products will last.

    Compact in size although not foldable, this exercise bike is on wheels to make it easier to move around the home. With a max user weight of 100kg and a total weight of 18.1kg, an adjustable seat and pedals. 

    Offering 10 levels of magnetic resistance for total control of how hard you work, this belt-driven bike has a 4kg two-way flywheel. Ideal for use by pros and beginners alike, just don’t stand up on this upright model. It has a six-function monitor so you can see stats such as time, speed, pulse, distance and odometer.

    Price-wise, this exercise bike is a great investment when you consider its features and that it can be used by all fitness levels. It’s also definitely worth the money if you have a small home yet don’t want a foldable option.

    Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    View now: JLL JF100 Exercise Bike, £169.99, JLL

    4. Opti Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike

    Best basic exercise bike

    If you are a beginner and you don’t want to feel too overwhelmed by an exercise bike, then this Opti bike is the best option for you. 

    Foldable to a very small size and also lightweight at 13.1kg, this exercise bike really is a smart buy for smaller spaces. Despite its small size and light weight, it still has a maximum user weight of 100kg. Though it’s not on wheels…

    Boasting a magnetic resistance system that can be controlled with a knob, it has a light 1.6kg flywheel. With pedal straps to keep your feet in place, as well as an adjustable seat and handlebars, it even has pulse sensors on the handles, too. A console sits in your eye line while working out, to tell you everything from your speed to the number of calories you have burned, the distance you have travelled and more.

    There’s no doubt that this Opti exercise bike is worth every penny. At under £80, it’s even worth buying for sporadic use or just until gyms open again.

    Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    View now: Opti Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike, £79.99 at Argos

    5. JLL RE100 Recumbent Home Exercise Bike

    Best recumbent exercise bike

    If you are searching for an exercise bike that’s comfortable, whether you suffer from a bad back or sore joints, a recumbent one will ease you in. This JLL bike has a backed seat to offer lumbar support to those who need it – obviously, you cannot stand up on this bike. 

    Size-wise, due to fact this is a recumbent bike, it’s longer than others. It’s also not foldable. So, it’s worth making sure that you have enough space in your home before investing. Though it is on wheels for moving it from room to room.

    With an impressive 5kg flywheel that’s two-way so you can pedal forward and backwards, there are eight levels of resistance. Comfort-wise, it has a padded seat, six levels of seat adjustments and adjustable pedal toe straps. There’s a handy display monitor to track time, speed, distance, calories, odometer and pulse – sensor plates are on the handlebars.

    Still as affordable as our other options, this exercise bike sits under the £200 mark. A great price for a recumbent option, especially one from JLL, and when you bear in mind the heavy flywheel and other features it’s a bargain.

    Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    View now: JLL RE100 Recumbent Home Exercise bike, £169.99,

    What should I consider before buying an exercise bike?

    There are several things to consider before buying an exercise bike:

    • Think about the size of the exercise bike before you buy, as well as how much space you will ideally need to use it at home. Some exercise bikes are foldable for when it comes to storing.
    • Another thing to be mindful of is the exercise bike’s resistance. This is usually manual or electric. Ensure this can be adjusted by you so that the bike can be used by all fitness levels.
    • Consider the maximum user weight of each bike to ensure that everyone in your household can use it before you buy.
    • All exercise bikes all have a flywheel – the heavier this wheel, the harder the bike will be to use. Beginner? You may want to choose a bike with a lighter flywheel.
    • It’s worth noting if your new exercise bike is adjustable – we’re talking about its seat height and handlebars, as well as the pedals in some cases.
    • Heart rate monitoring is another feature to look out for when choosing a bike. Some models have built-in sensors on the handlebars.
    • Finding a bike that is on wheels will prove handy if you are going to be moving it back into a cupboard or corner of a room after use.
    • The majority of exercise bikes have a display console so that you can see your stats while riding. If you have a fitness tracker, then you may not need this. Otherwise, this is handy as they usually sit in your eye line.

    Read our exercise bike guide above to find the best option for you.


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