Black Friday bread maker deals – for home-baked fresh loaves, cakes and more

Bake homemade breads with ease with best-selling Panasonic models and more
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  • There’s no denying 2020 has been the year of baking bread – and long may it continue. Google searches for ‘baking bread’ increased by 22 per cent this year. With this popular new baking task made all the easier thanks to a modern bread maker machine.

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    Yan Wong-Jones, buyer for small electrical appliances at John Lewis. ‘Bread maker sales rise in the autumn and winter as we start thinking about homemade bread to accompany hearty soups and stews’. Making now the perfect time to bag one.

    Across many retailers in the Black Friday sale you’ll find bargains from all your favourite brands, including Panasonic, Morphy Richards and more.

    Black Friday Bread maker deals – quick links

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    Robert Dyas bread maker deals

    Cooks Professional Bread Maker with Fruit and Seed Dispenser: was
    £139.99, Now £99.99, Robert Dyas
    Great for making healthier loaves. This delicious model features a built–in ingredients dispenser for you to add nuts, seeds, fruit, or herbs and they will automatically be dispensed at precisely the right stage of baking.

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    Tower 2lb 550W Gluten Free Digital Bread Maker: was £69.99, Now £59.99
    All hail the bread maker dedicated to Gluten-free breads! This state–of–the art Tower 2lb 550W Gluten Free Digital Bread Maker features 12 automatic programmes. Offering a variety of options for baking white bread, French bread, wholemeal bread, and an ultra–fast function to make a loaf in under an hour!

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    Argos bread maker deals

    Panasonic SD-ZX2522KXC Breadmaker: was £239.99, Now £209.99, Argos
    Save £30 (to spend on ingredients) when you buy this bread maker. The Ideal Home approved model (5 out of 5 stars) has 37 programmes, 13-hour delay start, yeast dispenser and three loaf size and crust options.

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    Panasonic SD-2511KXC Breadmaker: was £159.99, Now £139.99, Argos
    Cheaper than the previous Panasonic but still plentiful, this model features 33 programmes. Including white bread, french bread, whole-wheat, quick bread, gluten free, rye bread, speciality, pizza base, brioche, dough and bake.

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    Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Bread Maker: was £179.99, Now £149.99, Argos
    Save £30 when buying this Panasonic model. Complete with 27 programmes. This model even comes with a jam and compote mode for making homemade preserves to compliment your bread. It has diamond fluoro-coated breadpan and blades as well, which are scratch-proof and twice as tough as previous Panasonic models.

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    Tower T11005 Bread Maker: RRP £199.99, Now £89,
    Leading online electrical retailer are offering a saving of £110 on this Tower bread maker model. The machine, with its 19 programmes, scores an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars on the website reviews. Well worth checking out, especially at that price.

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    Home Essentials bread maker deals

    Panasonic SD-2511 Black Breadmaker: was £169.99, Now £139.99, Home Essentials
    Now featuring rustic sourdough, artisan and scone modes, you can treat the family to fresh bread daily. There’s even a Fruit & Nut dispenser and 13 hour digital timer.

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    Panasonic SD2500WXC White Breadmaker: was £119.99, Now £99.99, Home Essentials
    With a modern white finish and angled control panel, this sleek design offers simplicity in both looks and function. What’s more, it boasts gluten free, jam and compote modes.

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    Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Stainless Steel Bread Maker: was £179.99, Now £149.99, Home Essentials
    There are an impressive 27 modes to choose from, including rye bread, gluten free, compote and jam modes. Plus, the stainless steel design will suit and kitchen decor.

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    Is it worth buying a bread maker?

    homemade bread

    Image credit: Charlie Richards

    Delicious, home-baked bread is easier with a bread maker. Look for a model with a time delay setting if you want to wake up to a fresh loaf for breakfast, an auto ingredient dispenser to add yeast, fruit, nuts and seeds at the optimum time, and different loaf size settings if you like flexibility.
    More than merely bread some models will also bake cakes, make jam, compotes and pizza dough.  They can be bulky, so make sure you have sufficient storage space. Beware a noisy bread machine reaching its kneading stage in the wee hours if you like to
    bake over night.

    What flours should I try?

    To make bread you need flour with a high protein content, so it will be strong enough to rise and hold a good crumb structure. Look for flours blended specially for bread-making, such as Doves Farm Organic Strong White (£1.89 for 1.5kg) or Strong Wholewheat Bread Flour (£1.85kg for 1.5kg).

    For a nutty complex flavour, try Doves Farm OrganIc Wholewheat Spelt Flour (£2.95 for 1kg), although this will not rise as much as a strong wheat flour. If you’re feeling more adventurous, the website has a list of independent millers, many of whom sell online as well as locally.

    We’re big fans of Stoate & Sons, Cann Mills, Dorset – you can buy their flour direct or via the website, which also offers a great range of breadmaking kit.

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    The interest for bread makers online peaked in April, with 461,460 Google searches here in the UK – as a result of lockdown encouraging us to make our own from home. And there’s a feeling that now we know how, it’s something to continue doing – well past any further restrictions. Because aside from the pride, there’s no better aroma than that of freshly baked bread filling the home.

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