Meet the Bosch Vario Style fridge freezer – a new kitchen style icon

Introducing the world’s first fridge freezer that you can easily restyle, any time

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There are lots of ways to breathe new life into your kitchen, but if you're looking to make a big impact instantly, look no further than the Bosch Vario Style fridge freezer. Its exchangeable colour fronts allow you to update the look of your appliance, taking your kitchen from tired to on trend in a jiffy!

Restyle your fridge freezer whenever you feel like it

bosch vario style fridge freezer in cherry red color

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Nine different colour doors are available for the Bosch Vario Style. Choose the shade that best complements your interior, or mix things up depending on the season. Greet the spring with panels in Sunflower yellow, create a sophisticated feel with Pearl Night Blue doors or celebrate Christmas with festive Cherry Red fascias.

Switching them is easy as pie. Using a clever combination of invisible hooks and magnets, you simply clip off the doors, and swap them for those fresh new fascias.

Enjoy a fresh look outside and fresher food inside

bosch vario style fridge freezer in lime green color

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Always fresh. Always in season. With the new Bosch Vario Style fridge freezers, not only does your appliance also look and feel fresh – so does the food inside. Its VitaFresh freshness system keeps your food fresh for up to three times longer using a variety of clever technologies.

Different foods need different environments to keep them fresh and vitamin-rich. Bosch VitaFresh fridges are designed to allow you to control the temperature and humidity in individual compartments to create the perfect environment for all your fresh foods.

In the special vegetable zone, for example, VitaFresh keeps humidity levels high so that celery stays crunchy, lettuces don't go limp and tomatoes stay plump, firm and full of vitamins. Meat, cheeses and other deli items, on the other hand, can be stored for longer in the low-humidity zone.

Pick a size to suit your kitchen

bosch vario style fridge freezer in pearl night blue color

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The Vario Style comes in two different configurations. The 186cm high version with 60/40 split offers plenty of freezer space for batch cooking and those three-for-two offers. There's also a taller 203cm version with extra fridge space for those that like to cook from scratch as much as possible.

bosch vario style fridge freezer with 9 available colors

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We think the Vario Style is a perfect combination of good looks and great features. But don't just take our word for it. Vario Style owners are singing its praises.

Decide on your perfect size and colour combo now in store and online at Currys.

What shade will your fridge freezer be wearing this season?

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