Make small gardens look bigger with gardening expert Danny Clarke’s genius trick

All you need is a tin of paint
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  • The last thing you want is to feel pressed for space when you relax in your garden. However, with a splash of paint, you can make your garden feel more spacious with Danny Clarke’s small garden trick.

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    Danny Clarke, also known as The Black Gardener, has made a career for himself transforming gardens into incredible spaces on the BBC show The Instant Gardener and ITV’s This Morning. When it comes to making the most of a small garden on a budget, there isn’t much he doesn’t know.

    Speaking to Ideal Home on behalf of Homebase’s Great British Green-Up Campaign, the gardening guru shared his top to make a small garden look bigger. 

    Danny Clarke’s small garden trick

    Danny clarke's small garden trick 1

    Image credit: Homebase / Danny Clarke

    ‘A good trick if you want to make your space seem bigger than it is, is to try and reflect what’s going on inside the property on the outside,’ explains Danny. 

    ‘So if you had a red wall inside your property by the bifold doors, extend that perhaps to the fence or to the shed. That will lead the eye through and make space seem bigger than it actually is. Just a little bit of trickery really,’ he says.

    danny clarke's small garden trick 3

    Image credit: David Giles

    ‘Or pick another item in the house, it can even be the curtains,’ he explains. ‘You could have red curtains, so pick up on that colour, maybe on the shed or on the fencing.’

    You are continuing the colour scheme from inside to the outside. You can do this with the colour of flooring, fence or even the plants. 

    ‘If you have an indoor plant that’s red or blue, extend that colour into the planting scheme in the garden,’ adds Danny. 

    danny clarke's small garden trick 2

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Danny Clarke is a big fan of adding a splash of colour to a garden, especially with paint. 

    ‘For very little money paint can make such a difference to your space,’ says Danny. ‘You can paint your shed, you can even paint a tired old concrete patio.’

    ‘Homebase supply many varied sorts of paints. I often go there and do my shopping. They supply a fantastic range of paint that are multi-purpose. You can put onto your fence, patios or walls.’

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    Have you been inspired to get painting in your garden?

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