Homeowner creates a beautiful boho garden sanctuary with painted patio and accessories

The perfect place to retreat for some zen in the sunshine

The ultimate trend of the year, when it comes to garden makeovers, has to be the painted patio. We're seeing many fine examples of homeowners skilfully transforming their gardens with a stencilled patio.

And one such incredible garden makeover is that of Nicola French, from London. She's created a stunning, boho-style garden sanctuary including a painted patio. Completed entirely by hand - and she managed the entire transformation on a budget.

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‘I’ve always been into the boho and Moroccan style so I thought I would try and combine the two’ Nicola tells Latest Deals.

Nicola's garden before

garden patio with weeds

(Image credit: Future PLC/Nicola French)

The patio before was an unloved space with drab slabs and a hearty covering of weeds. 'The first thing I did was jet wash the patio, removing any dirt' Nicola recalls.

'Then by hand, using a large paintbrush and the white masonry paint, I painted the patio tiles'. After that was dry she applied a second coat then placed the stencil at a starting place. 'I used a stencil and stencil brush and got on with it!' she exclaims.

painted patio

(Image credit: Future PLC/Nicola French)

 It takes a certain amount of patience to do this DIY job – but as you can see, it's well worth it.

Nicola's top tips for tackling the job: 'It’s important to tape the stencil using masking tape to hold it in place. I chose the corner in the alleyway as my starting base.'

'Taking a little of the black masonry paint, a piece of cardboard to remove any excess paint from the stencil brush. And stencil in a stabbing motion.'

'I applied the paint to the stencil and filled in the pattern, then removed the stencil.' Matching up the pattern from the stencil onto the next tile to repeated the process.

'Once completed apply a clear paint sealant, using a paintbrush, to seal the paint and protect it from wear and tear.'

Nicola's new boho garden

garden with painted patio and round sofa set

(Image credit: Future PLC/Nicola French)

Nicola is quite rightly very proud of her patio’s stunning transformation. Commenting, 'For a brand new patio, it worked out at £116 - way more affordable than new tiles.' The painting and stencilling took three days.

The keep costs down even further Nicola already has the majority of the furnishings. The outdoor furniture is from Next, cushions from Etsy and buddhas from Wayfair. 'I have been building up the collection over time' she adds.

ornate garden fence in black with painted patio

(Image credit: Future PLC/Nicola French)

Nicola has cleverly zoned the garden, from patio to lawn using freestanding screens. They are from a company (brilliantly named) Screen with Envy.

Nicola used Sandtex which she sourced from B&Q. 'The stencil was £37 from Dizzy Duck Designs. The stencil brush was £3.50 from Amazon and the patio sealer was £30 from eBay.'

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grey coloured garden sofa

(Image credit: Future PLC/Nicola French)

'Anybody could create something like this - you don’t have to be DIY- minded! Just brave' Nicola says.

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So the question is, are you brave enough?


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