How to embrace the maximalist trend in your living room

Promotional feature with Furniture Village

The maximalist trend has been making a slow but steady resurgence over recent years. Crisp white walls are being replaced with bold wallpapers, bright colour schemes and layers of texture. 

But, minimalist lovers, before you break out in a cold sweat at the thought of ever giving up your white walls, you should know that maximalism isn’t all about filling every surface and every corner with stuff. There are more subtle ways to embrace the maximalist trend without overcomplicating your space. 

Furniture Village have just revealed their new autumn collection – it’s fun, bold, and the perfect way to introduce maximalism into your home, without fear of going OTT.

A teal sofa with assorted cushions in a living room with dark panelled walls

(Image credit: TBC)

For a minimalist-approved, maximalist makeover, all your living room might need is a statement sofa or accent armchair. Or even just a boldly patterned footstool to add punch to neutral furniture. So, whether you are ready to go all out maximalism or just want to dip your toe in this eclectic style, Furniture Village’s new Botanicals range is sure to bring some of those tropical inspired, maximalist vibes into your home.

If you are unsure where to start when it comes to embracing maximalism, let a key piece be your starting point. Just one item can make all the maximalist statement you need.

Furniture Village’s new collection has been designed to be just that – a focal point for your living room that you can choose to build on and make part of a really maximalist space. Or bring it into a neutral room as just a nod to the trend. 

A red sofa in a living room with red panelled walls and dark wooden floors

(Image credit: Furniture Village)

There are three collections within the Botanical range to choose from – Tropicana, Paradiso and Verdosa. The shapes vary from traditional English style, with deep cushions and traditional silhouettes, to mid-century modern shapes with tapered legs and clean lines.

You can really personalise how much pattern you want to add, too. Include just a couple of throw cushions if you want to keep it minimalist with a touch of pattern. Or introduce pattern to the sides of the seat cushions for a bolder look.

Alternatively, opt for a plain colour in one of the 12 materials. 

A mustard yellow sofa in a living room with grey panelled walls and a wooden floor.

(Image credit: Furniture Village)

The Tropicana pattern is very much inspired by tropical vista, and was first hand-painted onto delicate crepe paper to give the print a really unique texture. That texture was then replicated onto the fabric, which features large leafy motifs and subtly camouflage cranes that add a lovely elegant touch.

Each piece in the range is available in 12 different fabrics – six velvets and six plain weaves – in solid shades that were designed to work perfectly with the new prints. So again, you can tone up the look as much as you want or just stick to the few accents of pattern. 

Each collection within the Botanical range offers a wide variety of styles including two to four seater sofas, armchairs, accent chairs, and patterned footstools. The sofas are all handcrafted in the UK and made from seasoned hardwood that’s been carefully selected from sustainable sources. 

The collection is exclusive to Furniture Village and will be available to buy online and in the majority of stores. Prices start from £295.