‘I now pronounce you husband and pillow’: the bizarre lengths some people will go to for that special household item in their lives

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  • Some people love their household items so much that they’re prepared to make the ultimate commitment and marry them - even if that means physically dragging their intended inanimate object down the aisle. But how far will most people go to express their admiration for their most beloved piece of furniture?

    In 2010, South Korean bridegroom Lee Jin-gyu made headlines around the world when he married his pillow in an official church ceremony. The bride’s family were, unsurprisingly, absent. Closer to home, a UK woman fell so head-over-heels for her hi-fi system that she became its (probably-not-all-that-lawful) wedded wife.

    Most people will admit to having an extra-special piece of furniture that they treasure above all others – some may even admit to ‘loving’ their favourite item. But how many of us would actually take the plunge and marry our furniture?

    Pillow talk: Some people will stop at nothing to express their devotion towards their favourite household items. But do you love your pillow enough to marry it?  Image Broker / Rex Features

    Well, the answer, thankfully, is not that many of us – although more than half of us would fight for our favourite furniture in a divorce, and a quarter of us would risk our lives trying to rescue it from a fire.

    So says the Trade Furniture Company, whose research also reveals that 51% of people own a chair which no-one else is allowed to sit in (or have a family member that does the same), 32% have heirloom furniture that they’d never get rid of, even though they never use it, and 17% have fallen out with family members over furniture handed down to them in a will.

    ‘Those figures just go to show how obsessive some people are about their household items,’ says Trade Furniture Company director, Tony Clark.

    So just how many people would marry their furniture? The figure depends on which item of furniture you’re talking about. For furniture in general it’s just 1.5% – reassuringly low, though still slightly worrying that there are actually people out there taking the phrase ‘furniture lover’ a bit too literally. But rephrase the question and ask how many people would marry their beds, and the answer is an astonishing 14%.

    ‘We’re pretty sure this figure would be much, much higher if we asked the same question on a cold, wet Monday morning,’ adds Tony.

    Furniture lovers: Has your husband or wife been spending more time with the chaise longue than with you lately? If they're in the 1.5% of people who would marry their furniture, it might be time to get worried...  Image Source / Rex Features

    So while we’re unlikely to see many wardrobes in wedding dresses any time soon, you should probably start to feel a little uneasy if your significant other starts gazing longingly at the chaise longue or lovingly caressing the coffee table

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