This savvy design idea extends living space with ease – ideal for outdoor living rooms!

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Merging indoor and outdoor living spaces is a growing trend, as homeowners seek to create extended zones in which to work, rest and play. As part of the trend, outdoor living rooms are fast becoming the next step in stretching our space to suit our lifestyles.

So how do you make a garden feel like part of the indoors? A simple and cost-effective way to make the two adjoining zones feel like one is to make the flooring feel like a continuation. A cohesive style from one to the other creates a flush threshold, uniting an interior room to the outdoor space with ease.

Whether it’s a contemporary open-plan kitchen or a family living area that looks out onto the garden beyond, laying coordinating floor tiles throughout can effortlessly unify the two expanses.

Transformative indoor-out tiles

Hampshire tile Warehouse flooring in kitchen and patio

image credit: London Tile Co Valverdi Indoor-out Champagne Tiles

The popularity of bi-fold, French and patio doors has already opened up the possibility of uniting inside and outside zones. Incorporating a coordinating tiled floor helps to enhance the look, creating a harmonious aesthetic between the separate areas.

Laying a coordinated floor creates a seamless flow from indoor to out. It blurs the boundary lines, making the whole area feel like one single space, perfect for indoor outdoor living.

When it comes to creating that continuation of floor, Valverdi Indoor-Out tiles are just the thing. The smart range features a 10mm indoor tile alongside a coordinating 20mm outdoor version. The two allow you to perfectly balance the levels and create a natural flow between one area and the adjoining space beyond.

Opting for one single tile design throughout helps to create the illusion of extra square footage. Plus floor tiles for a patio or terrace feel far more luxurious than traditional paving slabs, with on-trend tiles maintaining more of an ‘indoor’ vibe.

Choosing your indoor-out tiles

Hampshire Tile Warehouse indoor outdoor flooring

Image credit: London Tile Co Valverdi Indoor-out Portico Tiles

The collection of Valverdi Indoor-Out tiles offers a range of highly durable designs, from high quality stone to wood-effect porcelain tiles. These innovative flooring designs offer all the charm of natural materials, without the maintenance you might normally expect, which makes them well-suited to busy family homes, where you want the look without the upkeep.

If your outdoor space is smaller, keep the tile choice light. A white or stone finish will help maintain an airy and open feel. If space isn’t a problem, opt for an on-trend slate grey to set the tone for a more contemporary finish. Whichever style you choose, layer the look with outdoor rugs and textiles to blur the boundaries even further. Match the colour scheme and patterns with the interior decor.

To gain a feel for what style might work best for your home, you can order free tile samples, with quick and easy delivery, to try before you buy.

It’s important to bear in mind that, while the tiles are a great likeness, they won’t ever be an exact match. Due to the nature of the materials they are a coordinating design, but not strictly matching.

With a promising summer spent entertaining in the garden ahead of us, now is the perfect time to consider a makeover project.

Why not make your garden feel like an extension of the indoors with thoughtful tiling?

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