Kirstie Allsopp’s reveals her top tip for decorating the perfect Christmas tree

Along with a few other festive decorating tips

Decorating the Christmas tree often involves a choice between creating a stylish creation on your own. Or involving the family, and inviting all the festive chaos that can come with that. However, this Kirstie Allsopp Christmas tree decorating tip will help you get the best of both worlds.

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With Kirstie's Handmade Christmas now in its sixth year, it is fair to say Kirstie Allsopp knows a thing or two about decorating for the festive season. This year on the show, we saw her directing her festive helper Phil Spencer, while decorating a Christmas tree.

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Kirstie Allsopp Christmas tree decorating tip

'I am nervous oh queen of Christmas, of decorating your tree, there is an awful lot I could get wrong,' confessed Phil.

'You can't get it wrong,' Kirstie reassured him. 'I think the thing about Christmas trees is they do get tweaked.'

'So when I've done it wrong it will get tweaked?' asked Phil.

'It will get tweaked. You allow everyone to do their bit and then you just tweak,' explained Kirstie, sharing her festive top tip.

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When it comes to the festive season, Kirstie favours a laid-back approach to decorating.

Instead of splashing out on new decorations, in an interview with The Telegraph, Kirstie suggests working with what you already have. Dotting your decorations around the room rather than focusing on one corner, will also help them go further.

'A little bit of holly or tinsel across the top of all your pictures, that kind of thing. It’s what you do when you’re filming – you dot decorations all over the place, you don’t just focus on the tree. You don’t go too big on any one thing,' she says.

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The keen crafter and home decorating expert is also a fan of making use of bits of foliage you can find while out for walks - for free might we add. 'I’m a great fan of mixing artificial and real – green tinsel and holly and anything you can forage,' she explains.

However, despite hosting a show all about making your own Christmas decorations, she does advise not going too overboard and being overambitious.

'My thing with Christmas is just always try to have one thing that you either make or decorate yourself,' she suggests. 'Don’t try to do it all under any circumstances. No one likes spending Christmas with a martyr, there’s nothing worse.'

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Christmas is supposed to be fun and jolly. So crack open the bubbly and start handing out the baubles.

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