The least affordable place to buy a property in the UK? (Clue: it’s not London)

So you thought a Mayfair mansion was out of your reach? Try getting on the property ladder in Chichester, officially the least affordable place for locals to purchase a home

With its balmy climate and Roman heritage, Chichester may be a desirable place to live, but the average local can only afford 11% of properties for sale in the Sussex city. That’s why it tops listing site Adzuna‘s league table of least affordable places in the UK.

To find the best-value towns, you have to cross the sea to Belfast, or head to Hull in East Yorkshire. In both, 90% of homes on the market are within budget for couples on average incomes.

Overall, your best bet for an affordable home is up north. Dudley is the third most affordable place, followed by Middlesborough, Bradford, Stoke-on-Trent, Sunderland, Salford, Glasgow and Birmingham.

After Chichester, the least affordable towns and cities in which to buy a home are: Oxford, Guildford, Brighton, Exeter, Winchester, London, Cambridge, Chelmsford and High Wycombe.

To gauge the affordability of each place, Adzuna worked out the
a couple on average salaries for the area could afford, then
calculated the percentage of homes listed within that price range.

It is
a combination of relatively low wages and high house prices that makes
Chichester so costly. The average local earns just £25,801 while the average house costs £391,778.

Compare that with Belfast, where the average income is £28,184 and the average house price £118,589.

The researchers also found that across the UK, renting was more affordable than buying. In this respect, Middlesborough was the cheapest place, followed by Dudley then Wolverhampton.

Adzuna based its renting calculations on what a couple on average local salaries could afford if they spent one third of their income on rent.

As ever, the north/south divide doesn’t always equate with an easy life for soft southerners…

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