Sophie Ellis-Bextor reveals where she gets her interior design confidence

From the dance floor to the kitchen floor - and other renovation decisions

Sophie Ellis-Bextor brought us Murder on the Dance Floor, Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) and made glitter eyeshadow iconic. But what you may not know is that she lives in a maximalist home and is not afraid of using seriously bold pattern and colour.

We caught up with the singer, songwriter and interiors lover as part of her work with Diet Coke x SMEG. 'They're two icons of chill,' she says. 'Maybe I'm a third icon of chill.'

Sophie, Raven and DJ at Diet Coke event

(Image credit: SMEG x Diet Coke)

Sophie has a refreshingly chilled approach to decorating - and we could all take a leaf out of her book. Here's where she gets her confidence when it comes to designing her West London house.

Discussing the pink landing and House of Hackney floral carpeted stairs (opens in new tab) of her very busy home, Sophie comments that she's never been too worried about big design decisions. 'I suppose I've been lucky because I was raised in a family where at home I was allowed to express myself as much in how my walls looked as my dress,' says Sophie.

'I used to paint big murals, so my teenage bedroom had three paintings on the walls and I rag rolled the actual wall so that was a decoration,' she recollects. Just like the rest of us, the singer also covered her bedroom walls with posters.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor singing in bathroom

(Image credit: Sophie Ellis-Bextor)

'Sometimes I'd use neon paint. I think there was one bit where I even used nail varnish because I couldn't find the colour I wanted,' she laughs.

'I'm quite comfortable being quite out there with what's done to the house, because I just think it doesn't matter too much really, just push it. I do sometimes think some people don't know how to really put their personality out there.'

Sophie Ellis-Bextor at Smeg x Diet Coke event

(Image credit: SMEG x Diet Coke)

Sophie says if you get it wrong, you can just paint over it. Next time you're feeling paint chart-induced overwhelm, play some Sophie Ellis-Bextor and channel her laid-back decorating vibes.

The collaboration will give consumers the chance to win a limited-edition Diet Coke branded SMEG drinks fridge through an on-pack promotion, alongside thousands of other prizes throughout September and October. See link here (opens in new tab) for more info.

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