New research reveals how to add £50k to your home in 48 hours

If you want to add value to your house quickly it's time to get out the cleaning caddy
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  • If you want to add value to a house quickly, you need to know one thing: the way we value the cleanliness of our homes has completely changed since the pandemic. While a nicely presented and clean home used to be a ‘nice to have’, it is now essential if you want to command your home’s full financial potential.

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    The simple fact is that people will pay (a lot) more for houses they perceive to be clean and germ-free.

    New research from the find-a-tradesperson platform Rated People shows the pandemic has increased the value of cleanliness and hygiene for homebuyers. Dirt, clutter, and bad smells were found collectively to knock almost £54,000 off a property’s value.

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    A nationwide survey of 2,000 people reveals that three in five prospective buyers (61 per cent) say they’d put in a lower offer if a property wasn’t clean when they viewed it. And more than 40% (43 per cent) say they wouldn’t even arrange a viewing for a property if it looked unclean in photos. So, what cleaning jobs and areas of the house should you focus on to increase – not lose – the value of your property?

    Declutter, clean, then declutter some more

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    Decluttering is all the rage these days, but if you’re planning to sell, it’s essential. According to the research, mess and clutter will see an offer on a house decrease by an average of £9,290. That means getting rid of all the stuff you don’t need permanently, not storing it in your front garden. Rubbish or debris in the front garden would take off £8,964 from the value of your house.

    Cleaning, of course, is a must as part of any impending house sale, but there are two rooms that are non-negotiable when it comes to getting spotlessly clean – and kitchen and the bathroom. Almost incredibly, an impeccable bathroom could add £8,966, to the value of your home, and the kitchen – £8,882.

    Don’t bother cleaning and you could lose out on an astonishing amount of money. Oh, and don’t forget to wash and clean all soft furnishings and upholstery – those dirty carpets or sofa could cost you almost another £9,000. Follow our guide for how to clean a upholstery to tackle the issue swiftly.

    Eliminate bad smells

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    How much do people really care about an unpleasant smell during a house viewing? A lot. Bad smells inside are a sure-fire way to make a bad first impression. Plus they would also result in almost £9,000 (£8,946) being taken off a home’s value.

    Mind, this doesn’t have to be a really bad smell like mould or refuse – if a house smells like your dog, people will make a lower offer. Simply cleaning your upholstery and washing pet bedding before viewings (and maybe making sure someone takes the dog out for a walk) could substantially increase your house value.

    These types of issues could easily be fixed within a day or two, either with a bit of elbow grease or by getting the professionals in. By getting them sorted prior to selling, offers are likely to be £53,897 higher than if the issues weren’t fixed.

    Adrienne Minster, CEO at Rated People commented: ‘We wanted to discover how the last year has impacted homebuyers’ priorities and to find out what they’re now looking for from their properties in a post-pandemic world. Given our increased emphasis on hygiene, including washing hands, social distancing and cleanliness in general, it’s easy to see why a messy or dirty home can spoil your chances of securing a good offer if you’re looking to sell. Yet, it’s still surprising to see just how much these types of issues will now affect the value of your home.’

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    We say better the lovely surprise of receiving a higher offer than a nasty one just because the bathroom was a bit messy.

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