8 brilliant ways to store your Christmas decorations that will save your sanity next year

Here are a few simple solutions to your decoration storage that will prevent cracks, snaps and splits

We've all been there on the annual Christmas decorating day...

12 baubles are smashing, 11 bulbs are blowing, 10 tree branches are breaking, 9 tinsel strands are splitting, 8 paper chains are tearing, 7 candles are melting, 6 ribbons are tangling, 5 singing Santas are slurring, 4 nutcrackers are cracking, 3 kings are missing, 2 garlands are snapping and 1 wreath is trampled on.

All this stress, trauma and upset can be avoided if you are cunning with your packing the year before! Baubles don't have to miss their tiny strand hooks, lights don't have to be tangled and a new wreath is not necessary.

With these 8 packing solutions, Christmas decorating 2016 will be an easy day... did we just put decorating and easy in the same sentence?

Hoard it in a hamper


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Recycle the hamper you received as a pressie this year by placing tinsel strands, baubles or your nativity scene in the sturdy carrier. They are more robust than cardboard boxes or black sacks and will withstand a little bad weather in the garage.

Use sandwich bags

Pack flat ornaments or tree decorations in sandwich bags surrounded in bubble wrap. The airtight bag will prevent the ornaments from discolouring, chipping at the edges or smelling of the musty loft.

Build a nice little nest egg

mini baubles with cardboard cartons

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If you have mini baubles that are run-away pains then wrap them in a little tissue and slot them into old egg containers. Begin collecting the cardboard cartons early and come January you will have plenty of nesting spots.

Wrap up your wreath

Hang your wreath (if you don't buy a fresh one every year) in a sealed plastic bag from a hook in the garage. Keeping it out the way and in an upright position will prevent trampling or bits breaking off.

Can you can it?


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Wrap your lights around an old can, coffee tin or old kitchen roll to prevent them tangling or bulbs breaking. The space inside the container is also perfect for storing tree hooks and spare bulbs that you always misplace.

Box up your baubles

Store your decorations in a wine carrier someone brought over at Christmas. The 6 bottle slots are perfect for mini trees, stacks of baubles or long church candles. These boxes are easy to store out the way and ensure organised decoration packing.

Stamp your boxes

Packing the decorations up is laborious during the January blues, but you will thank yourself in 11 months time if you put the work in now. Simply label up cardboard boxes and bags with the contents and even make an ‘open first' box.


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Bin any breakages

To ensure you don't get a nasty surprise next year, make sure everything is working/in tact before you pack it. Anything that is broken can be replaced in January sales and tossed to prevent taking up valuable storage space.

Holly Walsh
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