What decorating style best suits your personality?

Ditch the white paint and decorate your home to reflect yourself

You aren't the same as everyone else, so why should your home look like everyone else's? Embrace your quirks and give your home some character by decorating in a style that's totally 'you'.

You're a calm seeker

If you're a conscientious and sensitive person who needs somewhere to soothe the soul after a hard day at the office, try decorating with a muted palette. Team pale pink walls with soft grey fabrics for a modern scheme, then add raw-wood furniture to bring a relaxed and welcoming feel to your room.

bedroom pink wall with armchair

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You're a social butterfly

If you love entertaining, give your home more wow factor by decorating with deep colour. Try painting walls in a moody shade of blue for an enveloping feel, then add sumptuous fabrics and metal accessories for a luxury look. Pewter and soft gold accents will give this rich blue scheme a contemporary lift.

blue living room with sofa set

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You live in the moment

Some people hate change, but you're the type of person that embraces the here and now. Decorate your home with this year's hottest trend: copper highlights. Choose a few statement pieces in this warm colour, but keep the rest of the scheme pared back, so that you can easily update it next year when the next big trend takes off.

kitchen area with wooden table

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You crave order

Stripes are ideal for people who love precision, but you can take the edge of this neat look by mixing in some subtle floral pattern in the same shade. Create harmony by hanging co-ordinating prints in a symmetrical formation.

bedroom area with blue bed

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You're a free spirit

If you're the spontaneous sort, let your personality shine through in your home. This bright and beautiful pairing of duck-egg blue and zingy yellow creates an energising mood, while a hit of deep navy blue adds a kooky edge.

living room with yellow sofa

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You're a dreamer

If you spend a considerable amount of time daydreaming about blissful holidays in warmer climes, bring a little coastal charm into your home. This laid-back whitewashed scheme combines untreated wood furniture with wicker storage for a seaside-inspired look. Keep it cosy with a soft carpet and faded linens.

bedroom with drawer and carpet floor

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