How to make the right choice when choosing the glazing for your home

Make sure your windows don't just look good, but do good too

Windows in a kitchen
(Image credit: Everest)

When it comes to choosing the right windows for your home, it's crucial to remember that how they perform is just as important as how they look. 

Over the years there have been some incredible developments in glass technology, so choosing the most suitable glazing for the windows in your home has never been easier. 

In fact, depending on the chosen window supplier, you can now specify windows with glass that has been tailored to meet the specific requirements of each room within their home.

While the wide range of glazing options is great news, knowing exactly where to start can be a bit overwhelming. To help the window and door specialists at Everest have explored some of the common problems high-performing glass can help to combat.

Windows in a kitchen

(Image credit: Everest)

'It is vital homeowners understand the fundamental role that glazing plays to create a more comfortable living space,' says Anthony Threlfall, Head of Marketing at Everest.

'Modern glass now has the ability to reflect heat in and out of a home, reduce outside noise, increase security, safety and privacy and protect against UV sun damage.  

'What’s more every window in every room can be fully customised depending on the requirements of each space, creating optimal comfort and enjoyment throughout a home.'

To tackle some of the most common problems homeowners without the right glazing face, Everest has specially designed its own high-performing glass.

'Our high-performing glass ranges have been uniquely manufactured using specialist glazing options to benefit homeowners living across the UK,' says Anthony.

'We have the Ultimate range, Energy Saver range and Noise-reducing range and each one has been carefully crafted to deliver outstanding results to guarantee a comfortable home no matter the weather.'

Windows in a kitchen

(Image credit: Everest)

Manufactured using an innovative type of solar reduction glass, the Ultimate range is the perfect solution for homeowners looking for an insulating window which can successfully reduce the amount of solar energy that passes through a window.

The Energy Saver range however, as its name suggests, is ideal for those wanting a highly energy-efficient window that will not only let the heat from the sun in, but also help retain it. Thanks to the Low-E glass, homes will stay warmer for longer, helping to reduce monthly heating bills.

Finally, the Noise Reducing range is fantastic for if your home is positioned next to airports, railway lines or near a busy road. Designed to reduce outside noise by up to 40 decibels, the range is perfect for finally putting a stop to those noisy neighbours and creating a serene living environment without compromising on thermal performance.

'We’ve recently seen a big increase in demand for energy-efficient replacement windows from homeowners,' adds Anthony.

'With any one of our new high-performance glazing options, people are guaranteed to not only have a window which helps to improve a home’s energy efficiency but looks great and meets the needs of the rooms in your property.'

To find out more information about the Everest Ultimate range, Energy Saver range or Noise Reducing range to see if one of these glazing options can optimise your home and living spaces, visit the Everest website.  

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