How to arrange faux flowers

Craft Corner: A faux flower bouquet

In this episode of Craft Corner we show you how to make a beautiful faux flower bouquet which can be used as a table centrepiece.

In order to make this, you will need:

An assortment of faux flower stems
Secateurs/sharp scissors
Florist tape
Flower wire
Garden twine

Step 1: Remove leaves, bound rough wire ends with tape

Step 2: Create extra foliage stems by attaching leaves to Flower wires.

Step 3: Start from the centerpiece. Then work in odd numbers, bunching by flower variety.

Step 4: Diagonally layer each stem, framing the previous one.

Step 5: Holding firmly, rotate to add each stem.

Step 6: Surround finished bouquet with extra foliage stems.

Step 7: Tie securely with garden twine.

Step 8: Trim stems

Step 9: Place in vase to display

Vase and tableware available from Next.
Faux flowers available from Bloom.

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