How to install a water feature

This stunning water fountain sphere makes an impressive feature

This pretty water feature works by reusing water stored in a reservoir – water is pumped up to emerge at the top, before trickling back down.

You will need

Stainless-steel sphere water feature, from £49.95, Primrose London

Plastic reservoir, from £19.95, Primrose London

Pump (fittings are included with the Primrose London water feature, but check before you buy)

Decorative pebbles or slate chippings, available from DIY stores

Step-by-step guide

Dig a hole where the feature is to go, insert the reservoir and fill with water.

Attach one end of the hosing to the pump and lower into the water, keeping hold of the other end.

Thread the hosing from the pump through the lid of the reservoir (or steel mesh) and close the lid covering the reservoir.

Attach the loose end of the hosing to the inlet at the bottom of the water feature. Lower the feature onto the lid of the reservoir.

Turn the feature on briefly so you can adjust the flow rate from the pump through the water feature, until you’re happy with the level of water flow.

If you don’t have an outdoor electricity socket, and want to plug in the unit indoors and trail the wire outside, you’ll need to cover the wire in a conduit or use armoured cabling, plugged into a RCD.

Once you’re happy with the position of the water feature, the reservoir lid can be covered with decorative pebbles or stone chippings to hide the black plastic.

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