Rich tribal room design ideas – 10 of the best 2013

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  • Warm up your space with an earthy tribal design and our pick of the 10 best room ideas that embrace this African-inspired interior theme. Think abstract textiles influenced by ethnic art and faux animal-print features such as zebra-striped upholstered chairs.

    The tribal theme is quite a rustic look to pull off but you can have a lot of fun in the process. You might like to start by ditching the carpet and smoothing down the floorboards until the bare wood grain is exposed for that completely natural feel, then throw down vibrant rugs or replica cowhides to add a touch of warmth and luxury.

    There are many decorating options for the walls. Don’t worry if the plastering is not up to scratch – the more rugged the better with the tribal style. Paint the whole room in neutral colours for a more subtle approach, and layer on colourful accessories afterwards like Moroccan-inspired printed cushions, throws and ornate baskets.

    Alternatively, if you want colour on the walls try toasty terracotta hues. Deep green and charcoal also work very well, bringing home the true tones of nature. Wallpapering is another easy way to perfect the tribal look. We love animal-print papers and bold botanical patterns.

    When furnishing your rich, tribal living area, go for natural materials like wood and rattan tables, chairs or beds, and introduce colour with textiles and native art.

    For a dramatic tribal-designed bedroom, we’ve thrown a black and white dogstooth quilt onto bright orange bed sheets and hung contrasting geometric prints on the wall.

    Mixing authentic pieces with modern furniture also works well to bring the tribal style into the 21st century. Take inspiration from our mustard-yellow living room. We’ve combined a sleek yellow zebra-print upholstered sofa and a high-gloss contemporary-style table with a cowhide rug and exposed deer antlers.

    Browse through our showcase of more brilliant tribal designs to find a look that works best for you.

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