This under £40 mattress topper may look unusual, but it adds budget-friendly cushioning

Our Aidapt Memory Foam Cool Mattress Topper review tests out this budget mattress topper to see if it delivers on its promises to deliver a cool night's sleep

Aidapt 5.0cm Memory Foam
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Ideal Home Verdict

This budget-friendly memory foam mattress topper adds 5cm of cushioning to releive pressure points with gel-infused beads and an unusual 'egg-crate' sleep surface designed to increase breathability.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +

    5cm of cushioning memory foam

  • +

    Stays in place on the bed without using straps

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not as cooling as we hoped

  • -

    Only three size options

  • -

    Doesn't quite fit the bed

  • -

    Strong off-gassing smell

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This Aidapt Memory Foam Cool Mattress Topper review puts the budget mattress topper to the test to see how it compares to the best mattress toppers and best cooling mattress toppers on the market.

The Aidapt is an affordable mattress topper that will add an extra 5cm of memory foam cushioning to your current mattress. It also claims to sleep cool thanks to gel-infused beads that aim to help regulate temperature, and an unusual 'egg-crate' sleep surface designed to increase airflow. 

As such, I was eager to test out this topper in my own home to see whether it could live up to its claims. This mattress is flippable so I tried it for a couple of nights on each side to really find out how well it performed. 

During testing, I noted how easy it was to attach to my bed, how comfortable myself and my partner found it to sleep on, whether it was able to keep me feeling cool overnight, and how easy it is to care for.

Aidapt Memory Foam Cool Mattress Topper review


  • Construction: Memory foam
  • Sizes available: Single / Double
  • Depth: 5cm
  • Manufacturer sleep trial: none

Aidapt 5.0cm Memory Foam Cool Mattress Topper

(Image credit: Aidapt)

How I tested

Rachael Phillips freelance writer
Rachael Phillips

Sleep position: combination sleeper, but mainly side Tension preference: medium firm Sleep problems: hot sleeper, lower back and neck pain I’m Rachael, a freelance reviewer who helps the Ideal Home team put products through their paces to find the top recommendations for our readers. For this review, I tested out the Aidapt Memory Foam Cool Mattress Topper over a double Simba mattress on a slatted bed base. 

I'm a combination sleeper, so this mattress topper's comfort levels have been put through their paces in various different sleep positions, and – much to my partner's annoyance – I tend to move around a lot at night, so I was able to test out the topper's motion isolation as well. As a hot sleeper I was also well placed to assess the topper's breathability to see if it delivered a cool night's sleep.

What the brand says

The Aidapt Memory Foam Cool Mattress Topper is 5cm in depth and has a reversible design. One side has an egg crate texture which will contour to your body and promote extra airflow. Then the other side is a flat surface. Whatever side you choose this topper sits directly on top of the mattress and will fit snugly under tightly fitted sheet.

The topper has been designed with hot sleepers in mind as it includes gel-infused beads throughout the topper that will help to regulate temperature.


This mattress topper comes rolled up and vacuum-packed in a plastic bag with a carry handle. I thought this meant that it would be able to be re-rolled and stored away in its handy tote bag, but apparently it can’t. 

Once I'd released it from its plastic there was a really strong off-gassing odour. Aidapt suggest vacuuming the topper to try and dissipate the smell a little. Keeping the windows open for a few hours before you put the fitted sheet on will also help.

Aidapt Memory Foam mattress topper comes in a handy bag

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Attaching the topper to the bed

I found this mattress topper created tons of static when I tried to get it into position on the bed. Despite the fact it looks thin compared to many toppers, it’s quite heavy and sticks to the mattress surface so you can't slide it about very easily – although that did mean I was hopeful it wouldn't move around whilst I was sleeping on it.

After running around and adjusting each side a few times I managed to get it into place and to lie pretty flat, but Aidapt do say that it can take a couple of days for it to fully expand and take shape. 

There are no straps to hold this mattress topper in place, so you just have to choose which side of the topper you want to sleep on and then wriggle it in to position. 

I found this mattress topper didn’t quite fit my mattress, I used it on a double mattress and the topper was also a double but there was a definite overhang where the topper was to large for the mattress. 

However, once the fitted sheet was over the top, it didn’t make much of a difference as it flattened down. The topper does stay in place, both sides I tried it with it didn’t move around at all.

Aidapt Memory Foam mattress topper laid on a double bed in a bedroom

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The Aidapt Memory Foam Cool mattress topper is made up of a single layer of gel-infused memory foam with a flat surface on one side and an 'egg crate' texture on the other.

Once on the bed, the foam feels soft and spongy to lay on. I’ve got to admit, I really didn’t like the egg crate texture side, looking at it made my eyes go funny, you know when you look at a magic eye puzzle for too long? And I could feel its odd texture through the sheets. I found flipping it over made it feel a lot more comfortable.

Even though it’s only 5cm in depth, i still found this topper offered some support and pressure relief on the hips and shoulders when I was side sleeping. Although, I move around a lot at night and found it was quite difficult to shift position on top of the memory foam layer as I sank in quite a lot. So if you struggle with mobility, this topper may not be for you.

Another thing I wasn’t that keen on was how this topper felt to the touch. There’s no additional casing or cover, it’s just a layer of foam and whilst you couldn’t feel the texture of that foam once the sheets were on, it didn’t feel as premium as most toppers I've tested.

The blue Aidapt Memory Foam topper on a bed

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As this topper is made of memory foam, that means you will sink into its surface, which can usually mean excess heat, especially for those who sleep hot anyway. 

Aidapt combat the risk of heating via the gel-infused beads that the brand says will help to regulate temperature, and the egg-crate texture which helps to allow more airflow between your body and the topper.

Overall, this topper didn’t do a bad job of keeping me cool overnight. I didn’t notice any difference between lying on the egg crate texture side or the flat side – other than comfort levels because I wasn't keen on the more textured side. 

After sleeping on this topper for a few days each time I woke up feeling snug, perhaps a little too warm, but not hot enough that I threw the covers off so it did keep me cool enough that I remained fully under the duvet. 

This is probably a good option if you don’t get too hot overnight but just want some additional cushioning alongside a slightly cooler sleep experience. However, if you sleep very hot, i think you might want to consider an alternative topper.

The Aidapt Memory Foam showing the egg crate texture

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Size options available

This mattress topper comes in three standard UK sizes including single, double and king. It’s a good budget option, costing just £33 for a single, £50 for a double and £70 for a king size. 

There is no sleep trial with this topper but it does come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Ease of care

This topper is relatively easy to maintain. First off, it must always be covered by a fitted sheet, do not sleep directly on the topper. My advice would be to invest in a mattress protector as well, as this doesn’t have a top cover, you don’t want to risk any spills or accidents getting through on to the foam.

It’s a good idea to vacuum your topper regularly, this will ensure the removal of dust mites, dead skin, and other allergens. If you do notice spills and stains on your mattress topper, the first thing to do is to remove any liquid. Do this by dabbing at it with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel and repeat until you’re not picking up any more. Do not rub or wash your mattress topper, this will damage the foam and cause it to break up.

Aidapt Memory Foam topper has two sides, you can sleep on both

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Whether you opt for this topper really depends on just how warm you get at night. If you get too hot, and find yourself waking up sweating and feeling uncomfortable, I’d give this topper a miss and opt for one that has more cooling properties. 

However, if you're just looking for an extra cushioning layer that won't break the bank – and offers a little more breathablity than an old-school memory foam mattress topper – then this is a decent option. The gel-infused beads did seem to do something to prevent me from overheating like I normally would on a pure memory foam sleep surface. 

The memory foam contours to your body and side sleepers especially will benefit from feeling cushioned in the right areas. It also does a good job of absorbing any motion, so if you have to put up with a restless partner then you won’t feel them moving around quite as much with this topper. Although, if you like sitting on the edge of the bed, you may find it doesn’t offer adequate edge support as I found it really sank down and didn’t feel very stable. 

Overall, this doesn't feel like a premium option, but then its low price point doesn't suggest that it will be. I didn't like its strong off-gassing smell, or the fact it didn't quite fit my bed, but, for its budget-friendly price tag, it does the job and is a good mattress topper for those who want to improve the comfort of their mattress without breaking the bank. 

Rachael Penn