The secret to sleeping soundly this winter

Bamboo is the ultimate upgrade for a snug sleep setup

Panda pillows in kids bedroom.
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As evenings have started to draw in and temperatures begin to drop, we’re turning our attention to the place we can’t wait to crawl into, and don’t want to leave: our beds. Getting the perfect bedding can have a huge impact on how cosy your bed is, but selecting a mattress and pillow is even more important to get right. 

Not only will a pillow affect how soundly you sleep, but it will also have a huge impact on your head and neck alignment, preventing (or causing) aches and pains depending whether you choose the right support for your body. With a variety of firmness and airflow to choose from, Panda specialises in natural bamboo pillows which are gentle on the skin and have a whole host of natural properties that make them a top choice for  the perfect sleep set-up

Panda pilow

(Image credit: Panda)

Why bamboo?

Sustainable, breathable and super soft, bamboo is one of the most desirable materials for a pillow. When your head hits the pillow, you want it to feel as luxurious and comfortable as possible, and bamboo feels even finer than Egyptian cotton. 

Bamboo has strong, silky fibres that are hypoallergenic and gentle on skin

Bamboo fabric gets softer and softer with every was. It is also naturally antibacterial material, keeping bedtime super fresh.

The wonder fabricis a sustainable resource  as it’s the world’s fastest-growing plant but only needs a third as much water as cotton. It absorbs greenhouse gases too and releases around 30% more oxygen than hardwood trees. 

Unparalleled orthopaedic support

While the sustainability side of bamboo is enough to make it a planet-friendly pillow choice, Panda’s bamboo pillow has many other benefits. Their foam is orthopaedicallly approved and naturally contours to all sleeping positions, promoting healthy neck and spine alignment.

This can help prevent aches and pains so that you can enjoy a blissful night’s sleep. The Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow is 20% off right now too, making it the perfect time to upgrade your pillow.

Panda pillows in kids bedroom.

(Image credit: Panda)

Breathable and snug

Whether you want to stay cosy in winter or cool down in summer, bamboo is thermoregulating so it will help to regulate your body temperature by intuitively reacting to how hot or cold you are. Plus, the Hybrid Bamboo pillow is infused with fresh bamboo charcoal (CharcoCell Foam™). The revolutionary foam is naturally antibacterial and optimises airflow for a breathable night’s sleep. 

And while summer allergies are commonplace, those who struggle with pet or dust allergies year-round will benefit from the hypoallergenic properties of bamboo. The Bamboo Memory Foam pillow is also currently available at 15% off, so what better time to treat yourself to the best night’s sleep?  

For a silent and snug night for all  the family, you can also invest in bamboo baby, toddler and kids pillows to suit your youngster through each stage. Panda’s Kids Pillows come at different loft heights to promote healthy growth and development. It will keep them comfortable in their own beds so there’s less chance of them sneaking in through the night – we know how precious those extra minutes of sleep are.

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