Bosch MUM59340GB Stand Mixer review

The Bosch MUM59340GB stand mixer is a professional-looking powerhouse that literally does all the hard work for you
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  • Whether you fancy yourself a bit of a Bake Off connoisseur or just prefer making occasional cakes and bakes for special occasions, you’ll need the best stand mixer. And if you don’t want a traditional style kitchen mixer, the Bosch MUM59340GB looks rather promising. Not only does it look the part with its modern sleek design and stainless steel bowl, it’s also multi-functional. Not only does it mix up tasty cake and bread recipes, but it’s also a food processor, blender, meat grinder and even a juicer! Can’t get more multi-purpose than that!

    Promising a whopping 1000-watt power, this should be more than adequate to quickly whip (and beat!) up a baking storm! But while it looks the part with an impressive spec, can it deliver a top-rated performance? I put it to the test to find out how well it mixes up the all-important ingredients for cakes and bakes.

    Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Reasons to buy

    • Modern design 
    • Durable stainless steel bowl
    • Easy to use
    • Lightweight
    • Multiple functions with 13 attachments
    • Plenty of colours to choose from

    Reasons to avoid

    • A bit bulky for small worktops
    • You’d need lots of space to store all the attachments

    Bosch MUM59340GB

    The Bosch MUM59340GB is a powerful, well-designed, all-rounder to handle a variety of kitchen tasks. It excels at making great cake mixtures in no time, ideal for those who regularly bake treats. While it is powerful for making bread, it can take a little longer to knead. 

    Bosch MUM59340GB

    Image credit: Bosch

    Bosch MUM59340GB product specs:

    • Size: 282 x 280 x 271 ml
    • Bowl capacity: 3.9 litres
    • Speeds: Seven
    • Colours available: 10
    • Cleaning: Bowls and attachments are dishwasher safe 

    What’s in the box?

    Bosch MUM59340GB

    Image credit: Ideal Home

    The box is quite hefty, but considering all the handy accessories inside, it’s like a Mary Poppins bag of surprises. It comes with the mixer stand, stainless steel, 3.9 litre mixing bowl and handy splatter guard. A neat accessory bag sits inside it, containing a patisserie set of a flexi stirring whisk with silicon edge, metal beating whisk and kneading hook with gear protector. It also contains the metal discs for the food processor attachment. Other attachments include a blender jug, meat grinder, and citrus press so you have all your culinary needs covered. All of which can be cleverly attached onto the mixer by several power ports. 

    Accessory bag

    Image credit: Ideal Home

    Design-wise, it’s light to carry, and easy to store (if you want extra space). Although it might be a tad bulky for smaller worktops or those with low-hanging cabinetry. It does look attractive though and would make a contemporary addition to any kitchen. 

    What is the Bosch MUM59340GB like to use?

    The mixer is straightforward to use with its ‘Easy Arm’ Lift operation. Simply push the chrome button at the side to release the mixing arm up and down to quickly switch over your attachments. Just bear in mind that the attachments may need a firm push to lock in place. The stainless bowl can be removed and placed back with a twist to lock.

    Control dial on the Bosch MUM59340GB

    Image credit: Ideal Home

    Having added all my ingredients into the bowl, simply turn the red, illuminated control dial on the side to start. The controls have a 1-7 setting scale, with a manual setting for a quick pulse. Typically, the speeds vary depending on what you’re making.  

    One thing I really liked about the Bosch MUM59340GB is its powerful, figure-8 movements, (planetary mixing action), meaning that both the head and attachments move at the same time. This helps to quickly handle large cake mixtures or kneed bread with ease. It’s also easy to store with its automatic, retractable power cord. So no more cords getting in the way of storage or having to wind up! Another thing to note is how incredibly quiet the mixer is, even at a higher speed, which is always a bonus!

    Making cake in the Bosch MUM59340GB

    I was really impressed on how my sponge cake came out after testing the Bosch MUM59340GB. I started off by adding the butter, eggs and flour into the bowl, and used the whisk attachment. I had started with a lower speed of 3-5 before gradually increasing to about 6. With very little fuss, it quickly whisked up the mixture well, picking up any flour around the sides of the bowl, which is always handy. 

    Mixing cake in the Bosch MUM59340GB

    Image credit: Ideal Home

    Despite the bowl standing at only 3.9 litres, it was deep enough for all the ingredients needed to make my Victorian sponge cake. After some minutes of mixing, it quickly whipped up a lovely, soft consistency in no time. The results were delicious cakes with a moist and fluffy texture.

    Making bread in the Bosch MUM59340GB

    Splatter guard on the Bosch MUM59340GB

    Imge credit: Ideal Home

    Now while the Bosch MUM59340GB is praised for its powerful, kneading technology, I was a little disappointed with this performance. Don’t get me wrong, the kneading hook did a cracking job, however, it did take a lot longer than I’d expected and left some flour at the sides of the bowl. In fact, I had to use one of the highest settings between 3-5 to produce the consistency that I needed. In any case, the mixer is strong and sturdy at handling powerful speeds (and quiet!). Bear in mind, it does get a little messy so remember to use the splatter guard! Plus, this came in handy when adding the water and oil to the mixture.

    Speltflour brown bread in the Bosch MUM59340GB

    Image credit: Ideal Home

    That all said, my spelt, brown loaf was baked to perfection. It had a crunchy top crust and soft texture in the middle. I was really impressed with the great-tasting results! 

    Cleaning the Bosch MUM59340GB

    One thing I never look forward to after using a kitchen mixer is the clean-up (who does?). However, the attachments and mixing bowl are all dishwasher-safe to save you time. Of course, if you just wanted to quickly handwash in the sink, it literally takes seconds. The outside of the mixer can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth. 

    Bosch MUM59340GB

    Image credit: Ideal Home

    The only downsides are the stainless steel bowl and chrome ‘easy arm lift’ button can pick up unsightly fingerprints. But this is a minor issue in the grand scheme of things. 

    Is the Bosch MUM59340GB worth the money?

    Granted, the Bosch MUM59340GB isn’t cheap. But at just under £300, it does offer a lot more. For instance, much thought has gone into the modern design and multi-functionality of the machine. Not to mention it has a powerful 100-watts to mix up all your cakes and bakes in record time.

    Bosch MUM59340GB attachments

    Image credit: Bosch

    Another bonus is the wide range of attachments it comes with to make food prep easier. Baking aside, I used the citrus press to make fresh, grapefruit juice in just minutes. Impressive, and a good stand-in for the best juicer! If you’re after a kitchen mixer that can do practically everything, then the Bosch MUM59340GB is certainly well worth the money. 

    The verdict: should you buy the Bosch MUM59340GB stand mixer?

    If you’re after a powerful, kitchen mixer than can do so much more than make a mean cake or loaf, then yes! It’s incredibly easy to use, so would suit both pro-bakers and amateurs in the kitchen. It makes great-tasting cakes and treats, giving the mixture of sponge cake a smooth consistency. And despite taking a longer time to knead dough, it makes an impressive loaf of bread!

    If you’re short on storage space though, this may take up quite a bit of room. Plus, you’d still need space to store the 13 attachments that come with it! Nevertheless, there’s no denying its versatility, and its modern, sleek design looks great in any kitchen.

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