Be inspired by this cool boy’s bedroom

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  • Vibrant colours and a compact cabin bed may have been suitable for a little boy’s room, but with the owner’s 11-year-old son rapidly outgrowing both his furniture and decor, it was time for a change. The room itself was in good condition, so all it really needed was a lick of paint. However, the owner’s son had other ideas and after some negotiation – including being bribed with the rather dubious promise of him helping around the house – his mother agreed to a total revamp.

    The owner’s son was very keen to get started and scoured websites for ideas. Inspired by a recent trip to America, he decided to go for a loft-style look with a high bed, as it meant a desk could be fitted underneath. With a love of industrial schemes, his mother was happy with his choices, but she did draw the line at graffiti walls, so they settled on a brick-effect wallpaper instead.

    A rather unusual layout (the result of an extension added by the previous owners) made planning the decor a little tricky at first. However, once the problem of neatly adding a desk area was resolved, the awkward through-room layout no longer seemed an issue. In fact, the mother-and-son team now had space to spare. They decided to divide it into two zones, with a conventional bedroom, plus a small adjoining space to accommodate a drum kit.

    For a cohesive look, the decorating duo went for pale-grey walls and vinyl flooring to help open up the layout. They wallpapered matching brick-effect feature walls in both zones, which draws the eye through the entire area. Painting one wall in black has created a dramatic effect, too.

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