Nursery decorating ideas – perfect for your new arrival

From toddler to energetic little one, create a room your kids will love as they grow

From toddler to energetic little one, rooms for this age can really be lots of colour, fun and not to mentioned beautifully themed – with style of course!

Looking for nursery decorating ideas? It’s the one space in the house where you can cut-loose and indulge your sense of fun when choosing a decorating scheme. A kid’s room isn’t only a place for sleep – see it as a play space that will spark children’s imaginations, too.

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Whether you’ve got months or weeks until your new bundle of joy comes home for the first time you’ll be keen to get the baby’s room ready in time for their arrival.

From brightly coloured wallpaper to gender neutral colour palettes and nursery furniture ideas, there are plenty of nursery decorating tips for every budget. And when your little one gets a bit older we’ve got plenty of inspiration for transforming a baby’s room with our gallery of nursery decorating ideas.

1. Think tactile and textures

nursery decorating

Image credit: David Giles

From the silky mustard hanging bed canopy to the potato sack effect toy storage unit and seagrass-style runner, playing with texture in this room really helps to lift this space. A tasseled wall hanging and a rattan style lampshade add to the effect.

2. Go for grey

Nursery decorating ideas

Image credit: Rachael Smith

Yellows, blues or pinks are usually the go-to colours for a nursery, but why not consider a grey-and-white colour scheme instead? This combination is not only timeless, but can be customised by adding extras, such as painted stars, which can be changed as your child gets older.

3. Choose coordination

Nursery decorating ideas

Image credit: Colin Poole

Ensure that the furniture in your children’s room lasts a long time by picking neutral-coloured matching items, including a bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers. A wooden set in painted cream can be adapted to any colour scheme, from bright colours for toddlers to cooler hues for pre-teens.

4. Introduce a colour splash

Nursery decorating ideas

Image credit: David Giles

Try something a bit different and go for shutters instead of curtains in your child’s bedroom. They can be cleaned easily, ensuring a germ-free environment, as well as being available in a range of colours and styles that will suit all schemes – why not let them pick their own colour once they grow up?

5. Wow with a wonder wall

Nursery decorating ideas

Image credit: David Giles

Wall stickers are a cheap and easy way to update a kid’s room. There are hundreds of designs available, from Disney characters to aeroplanes and farmyard animals, all of which can be easily applied to the wall without any fuss. Why not create an interactive wall map? Perfect as your child grows and learns.

6. Sit on the shelf

Nursery decorating ideas

Image credit: Paul Raeside

Make a display of books, teddies or dolls on a set of shelves lined up horizontally on one wall. This is a great way of keeping toys off the floor, yet still to hand when your child wants to get one down.

7. Play with pattern

Nursery decorating ideas

Image credit: Dan Duchars

If you’re eager to add interest to your child’s room but want to avoid a strong theme, choose a toning colour palette in subtle shades of the same colour. In this nursery, a seagull-patterned wallpaper and painted tongue-and-groove panelling create a timeless nautical look that is so on-trend.

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Will you be decorating a nursery? We hope these nursery ideas help you on your way!

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