Teenage girls’ bedroom ideas for every style and budget

We've got great teenage bedroom ideas to inspire all tastes
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  • When it comes to teenage girls’ bedrooms, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. We know this because every child has their own distinct style, and as a personal sanctuary away from the outside world their bedroom should reflect that .

    A teenage girl’s bedroom idea, much like their wardrobe choices, will be an ever evolving style choice – offering an authentic reflection of their own unique style.

    If you have more than one teenage girl living at home, then chances are their ideas about decorating are quite different. While one wants brightly coloured walls, patterned accessories or vintage florals, the other might hone in on dark wall paint, edgy prints and pieces of rough-luxe design.

    If you’re wondering how to make the transition between princess-style young girls’ rooms and bedrooms for growing teens, let our teenage girls’ bedroom ideas inspire your decorating.

    Teenage girls’ bedroom ideas

    1. Introduce flashes of colour to a neutral room


    Image credit: Future PLC/ David Giles

    Flashes of bright coral will make for an energetic bedroom – it might help the girl who lives in it get out of bed faster in the morning, but then again… The hot coral contrasts with the pristine white walls to add a fresh hit to the overall look.

    The exposed wire bedside light makes this room feel grown up, but there is still space for her beloved Moomin’s, she’s still a kid underneath all that teenage angst.

    2. Dedicate a styled space for studies

    Teenage girls bedroom ideas

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Jamie Mason

    Just because a bedroom study space is essential for school or college homework, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. This bedroom corner has been transformed into a space you want to hang out in – it’s worthy of a lifestyle blogger!

    Floating shelves house stacked framed prints and photos, as well as pastel accessories that look pretty while also functioning as organisational desk essentials. A marble-effect light and fur throw add a touch of luxury, to the slender desk that handily doubles as a dressing area.

    3. Seek privacy with stylish window treatments

    white bedroom with window shutters

    Image credit: Future PLC/ David Giles

    A thoughtful window treatment idea is essential for a teenager’s bedroom, to provide privacy more than anything. Not merely reserved purely for living rooms and bathrooms window shutters are ideal for a bedroom setting too – providing much-needed privacy and to filter out the light.

    4. Make the theme motivational

    pink teen girls bedroom with velvet headboard and motivational gallery wall

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Alison Hammond

    Add personal touches and be sure to make the space a happy place. At a sensitive stage of their development it’s crucial to create a retreat where they can feel at peace and reset, this is where motivational messages can go a long way to raise a smile. A gallery wall is an on-trend way to introduce a touch of cool to the artwork collection.

    In this dusky pink bedroom the grown-up vibe is accentuated with the addition of a velvet headboard, while the plush toys and personalised touches add a youthful feel.

    5. Style it out with monochrome

    Bedroom with black and white vertical stripe wallpaper with wooden wardrobe and triangular mirror

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Jo Bridges

    One for the colour-shy teenage girls out there – some girls just know from the get-go that monochrome is the epitome of chic style. Apart from the lack of colour, there is nothing retiring about this bedroom though, which mixes pattern like nobody’s business to amazing effect. We are particular fans of that striped drawer unit – ideal for storing a growing wardrobe and make-up collection!

    6. Turn polaroids into a feature wall

    Teenage girls bedroom 6

    Image credit: David Giles

    Surround your teen with photos of their friends and family with a selfie wall! Do so without damaging the beautifully painted walls by attaching pegs to either side of the wall and tie string – or even thin wire fairy light ideas – between them like a mini washing line. Now all you have to do is turn a polaroid camera and bulldog clips over to your teem for them to curate the rest. Even you don’t have a polaroid camera there are plenty of apps or print templates that you can use to achieve a similar retro look.

    7. Fashion a space for homework

    Teenage girls bedroom idea with dark grey walls and fashion sign above desk

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Brett Symes

    While homework is never deemed fun, fashion-loving teens might like this high-contrast bedroom, with its chic workspace. A slender console functions as a workspace for design or computer work, as well as a surface to display special trinkets.

    Floating shelves are painted the same colour as the walls, so they seem to recede and create a spacious feel, which works perfectly with the bold graphic-print rug and shots of hot pink.

    8. Make it changeable with wall stickers

    reusable heart wall decals in teenagers bedroom

    Image credit: Stickers4walls,  Reuseable Heart Wall Decals, £24.99 for set of 20

    When things go out of fashion quicker than you can say trending, there’s a chance your teen could change preference very quickly on what’s deemed cool or not. To save on a decorating budget and also prevent waste, consider wall stickers to add decoration. The use of transfers means less commitment to a theme, giving teens the freedom to express themselves with more fluidity.

    These heart wall stickers can be positioned and repositioned when the mood takes you. Simply peel off with care, placing them back on the original backing sheet and you can reapply your stickers ready for re-use. Best of all, they won’t leave residue behind so walls walls are preserved.

    9. Turn your teens wanderlust into a feature wall

    Teenage girls bedroom with wall map

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Max Attenborough

    If you already have a teen plotting her gap year adventures why not make a feature out of a wooden map that they can pin polaroid shots of the places they’ve already been and places they are still planning to go. Continue the theme throughout the room by adding in some stylish storage with some old fashion suitcases as a bedside table.

    10. Opt for light and airy designs

    White bedroom with desk and bucket chair with sheepskin rug

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Jamie Mason

    A clean white or neutral base is ideal for teenage bedrooms, as it offers the opportunity to chop and change the look as quickly as teenage tastes and styles do! Opt for classic white furniture with a slender profile, as this will help reduce the sense of clutter.

    However, this sunny, pretty space is really all about the accessories; a bold bloom bedspread, hot pink accents, soft pastel lamps and prints and a tactile sheepskin throw on the chair ensure this space is modern and still playful.

    11. Curate a cool bedroom art display

    Teenage girls bedroom idea with orange feature wall with picture ledge

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore

    If you’ve spent time and money carefully creating two-tone paint effects like this, and refurnishing a kids bedroom, you’re probably not going to be that keen for your teen daughter to pin posters directly on the wall… not that we’re being design control freaks or anything.

    Try fixing picture ledges at staggered heights on the wall above the bed and layering up framed prints and photos of your teen’s choice for a personal and art display. The images – and therefore the space – can be updated as frequently as she wants.

    12. Create teen design with depth

    Teenage girls bedroom ideas

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore

    Dark and moody decor can be achieved without turning a teen bedroom into a bat cave; paint the walls a smart dark grey, and layer up lighter shades of grey and white, using different patterns to add interest, and a throw in a pop of one other colour for a little youthful energy.

    A hand-lettered print on the wall (in this case a parental reminder, maybe!) along with other ice-white accents, freshens the finish without taking away from the overall impact.

    13. Add a pop of colour with a vibrant bed frame

    White bedroom with turquoise bed frame with pink accessories

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Oliver Gordon

    Who said that jolts of colour in a room should only come from soft furnishings? In this room the bed takes centre stage in a playful aquamarine colour. The rest of the furniture has been kept neutral to prevent it from looking to childish. However the layers of hot pink bedding and the italic name plaque above the bed make this room perfect for a modern day teen princess.

    14. Give a loft room a Scandi spin

    Teenage girls bedroom ideas

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Carolyn Barber

    Not all teens are blessed with the biggest of bedrooms, and it’s not always simple switching up from a children’s room to a more adult space. This attic bedroom idea does a great job of crossing that divide, with a cool Scandi style that makes the most of the available space with a raised built-in cabin bed, with storage below and in the alcove beyond… leaving the rest of the room free for your teen’s wardrobe (ideally not scattered across the newly-freed-up floor).

    The wood cladding keeps the bedroom calm and enhances the sense of space – essential in a teen girl’s room – while colourful bed linen can be used to add personality and flair.

    15. Encourage optimism with bright florals

    Teal bedroom with colourful bedding

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore

    Energetic, fun and girly (without being too sugary), this teenage girls’ bedroom is packed with saturated colour, destined to make your teen smile (even if they won’t show you that). This space has a a grown-up feel, but isn’t too serious, courtesy of certain decorative flourishes that add a whimsical finish – we’re looking at the curlicues on that chair and the light-hearted prints on the wall. The end-of-bed storage bench is ideal for hiding clutter, too.

    16. Give pink a grown up twist

    Teenage girls bedroom 5

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore

    There is something about a blush pink bedroom idea that will hold endless appeal, whether your teen is 14 or 18. If your teen already had a pink room from when they were younger give it an elegant style update. Add a mirror gallery wall and luxurious bedding in different shades of pink and purple. A white ladder shelf is a great way to add storage to a small space, ideal for displaying their books and treasures.

    17. Mix and match colourful craft styles

    Teenage girls bedroom ideas

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Jonathan Jones

    Pom-poms, polka dots, bunting and crochet combine to form a fun space to inspire. The mix of prints, patterns and textures can create a bright and brilliant bedroom for a teenage girl. Balance warm orange and yellow tones with pale blues and expanses of white, if you don’t want it to feel overwhelming. However, it’s an ideal space to let your teen play with design options.

    18. Get organised…with added colour

    Teenage girls bedroom 8

    Image credit: Maison du Monde

    Bring a little organisation to that growing clothes and accessories collection. Store the overflow in all on a colourful hanging rail with built in drawer. If your teen’s a proper fashionista it provides the perfect outlet for them to coordinate outfits or mini photoshoots for their Instagram. Modern and practical, with endless creative opportunities- this one’s a no-brainer.

    Do you like these teenage girls bedroom ideas? Which one is your favourite design?

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