9 things we miss when we’re away for Christmas

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  • Board games, wet sleet and complaining relatives never seemed so appealing...

    Are you going to be away for Christmas this year? If you’re a jammy jet setter who is sledging off to the Swiss Alps or flying off to the Caribbean this Christmas, we’re sure you won’t be short of some festive cheer. However, it has to be said, nothing is the same as a Christmas at home surrounded by your favourite people, wet weather and burnt Yorkshire puddings.

    If you’re heading off this year, we bet you start to miss…

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    Carving the bird

    You’ve slaved away basting your turkey to glazed perfection so you want to do the honours and carve through that crisp skin. Whilst your slices (we mean hacks) will never look as beautiful as a chef’s carving, there is something regal about carving your own bird.

    Listening to endless Christmas songs

    Whilst some Latino music wouldn’t go amiss on the sun lounger in Mexico, you cannot beat the recognisable ‘rum pump pum pum’ that blasts out of every store and home at Christmas. We love to hate them but Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a merry tune.

    Complaining about the weather

    No, we aren’t jealous of your unparalleled views of Aspen’s finest nor your endless turquoise waters, we have a heavy dosing of sleet that has everyone watching at the window and gale force wind that is destroying the roof, tile by tile… Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a stranded relative!

    Falling asleep on the sofa


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    Food? Check. Too much Champagne? Check. Christmas movie? Check. Slowly your eyelids begin to close and before you know it the whole family has fallen asleep on the sofa. As this isn’t socially acceptable in restaurants, mountaintops or hotel lounges (so we are told) we are championing the home living room this Christmas.

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    Decorating your own tree

    It may be the most stressful day in your household’s calendar, but there is something special about decorating your own tree. That’s not to say we don’t adore the 15ft Christmas tree standing in the hotel’s lobby and admire it’s baubles that hang oh-so-perfectly, it’s just that it doesn’t give us the same fuzziness inside.

    Tuning in to the Queen’s Speech

    Watched throughout the Commonwealth every year, we all love to catch a glimpse of Her Majesty at Sandringham Castle. You may not watch it in its entirety but it is embedded in us to be a little patriotic on this special day.

    Battling over board games

    A post banquet tradition that you end up regretting every year – board games. Fights over what game to play, what words are allowed in Scrabble and whose version of Monopoly to go by are all regulars. But, we would all miss the riotous game with our favourite people in the living room if we spent it abroad.

    Living in pyjamas all day

    Even if it’s just a bikini or simply chucking on a big knit to potter around a Christmas market, dressing yourself on Christmas Day is such an effort! Be envious of those at home who spend the majority of their day in the same pyjamas they slept in the night before (with a few additions they unwrapped on Christmas morning).

    Munching on leftovers


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    Yes, you can order room service whilst you lounge in bed or enjoy unlimited snacks all day long in a hotel, but there is nothing better than pleasing your midnight munchies (which carry on throughout Boxing Day) with two door-stop slabs of bread, a thick coating of salty butter and a handful of cold turkey.

    What do you miss most while you are away for Christmas?

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