8 creative ways to display travel tokens and photos

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  • Got the bug? Keep it alive at home with these nifty ideas for travel junkies

    1. Fill holiday jars

    Buy a batch of Kilner jars and use one per trip. Each jar is big enough to hold a postcard, local map, restaurant cards, travel tickets and entry passes to museums and events you enjoyed on your travels.

    2. Style a scratch map

    Scratch map posters are less than a tenner
    online and are brilliant fun. Whack it on your wall and scratch each country off on your return to be well and truly smug about your travels. Plus, it’s a great excuse to book a trip to Russia and really get your scratch on.

    3. Create a travel photo wall

    This one is super easy, and affordable.
    Print off your favourite snaps (in different sizes) and buy a bulk of matching photo frames. Choose a large stretch of wall – stairway works well – and hang your pictures in a design of your choice. A top tip from our Social Media Editor Kate – print and frame coordinates of your favourite trip or where you and your partner met for the centre piece of your display.

    4. Dedicate a shelf for travel

    There is something magical about travel guides. Sure, there’s loads of info online but nothing beats poring over a chunky travel book and pull-out map before, during or after your trip. Clear a shelf in your bookcase for all your guides and they will bring back charming memories whenever you catch their eye.

    5. Buy a printer’s tray for trinkets

    A large, square printer’s tray was made for travel tokens (perhaps not originally but you see where I’m going…). You can get some beautiful trays from Etsy – the one photographed is £99 – and each design has several cubby holes for keepsakes, tickets and more.

    6. Invest in travel cookbooks

    Meals out, park picnics and general snacking is all part of a holiday. Yes, nothing says travel like new culinary experiences – but they don’t only have to be confined to your trips. Pick up a country based recipe book wherever you go (or online when you’re back!) and whip up your favorite treats from your travels at home. If they are disastrous remember that it’s ALL PART OF THE FUN.

    7. Chalk your route

    Got kids, will travel. Chalkboard maps are perfect for families on the go. This board is £40 from Etsy and comes with a world map ready and waiting to be explored. Let your kids chalk in where you have been as a family – it’s fun, free and educational. Win, win, win.

    8. Make a travel calendar

    Print off one photo per month (try to match each photo to the month you visited) and make them into a desktop or wall calendar. Every time you turn to the next month you’ll remember a new trip (and be inspired to book another!). Try this design from MgPhotoStore.

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