Give your home an ultra-chic update with these easy and affordable painting projects

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Up and down the country, we’re all spending more time at home, which means it’s more important than ever to create a stylish sanctuary that’s also restful and restorative.

But, don’t panic, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune on a full renovation. There are plenty of easy-to-achieve  and on-trend painting techniques that will give your home a fresh, modern makeover without breaking the bank.

It’s easy to create a cool yet tranquil space with the Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, Brave Ground. The beautiful shade is a warm, elemental neutral that reflects the organic colours of the earth – think clay, stone and soil – to connect your home with nature. Tapping into the biophilic design trend – harnessing the natural world to boost health and wellbeing through home decor – it will work to make even an urban space feel rooted in nature.

Brave Ground creates a firm foundation for any colour scheme, and also lets other colours shine. It’s wonderful paired with other shades from the Earth palette, like blue, grey and green, to create a calming, grounding space to switch off, unwind and reboot.

Whether you use it on its own or team it with other tones in a creative painting project, the balancing, warming palette will transform your space into a serene, chic retreat. Here are four easy ways to use it in your home for a refreshing, instant update. And the best bit? You can do them in one weekend. Time to grab the overalls and pick up those paint brushes…

1. Paint a band to elevate your dining room

Dulux Brave Ground


Create a sense of eating al fresco with a tromp l’oeil effect, which gives the optical illusion of a window looking over a skyline. Simply paint your wall a beautiful soft blue (try Faded Sky), and then paint a blue square over it (Fallen Wildflower is the perfect shade for this).

Measure out your square and use masking tape to ensure a professional-worthy look. Finish with an outer band of Brave Ground to frame it and you’ve got an airy, calming feature that’s seriously stylish too. Pair with natural materials (like a rustic wooden table) and dress it with lush greenery for that outside-in aesthetic. See more inspiration on how to create stripes with paint in the video below:

2. Create a stylish yet affordable paint-effect bedhead

Dulux Brave Ground


Add visual interest and create a boutique-worthy bedroom by making your own paint-effect bedhead. Use a roller to paint the wall in a beautiful nude hue (try Tissue Paper), then use a spirit level and masking tape to create a rectangular shape in Brave Ground. To create the arch, you’ll need a piece of string to mark out the shape, some chalk, and a pencil.

Watch the video below to see exactly how a paint arch is done. The overall look is subtle yet smart, and will up your bedroom style game no end.

3. How to paint a split wall in your living room

Dulux Brave Ground


A split wall paint feature will allow you to add depth to your living room with complementary colours from the Earth palette. Night Seas, a deep, inky blue echoing the tones of the ocean, anchors the look, and is a rich, sumptuous and soothing shade. It’s lifted with the Dulux Colour of the Year Brave Ground, an earthy clay tone, which works to balance the look and leave you with a stylish yet stabilising connection to nature.

Simply use a spirit level and pencil to mark out your line, and use masking tape to ensure a clean finish – and then take it from the top. The deep colour will allow other natural materials to pop, like rattan pendants and indoor plants.

4. Add depth with a bold feature wall

Dulux Brave Ground


Hallway looking a little tired? Breathe life into the space with a darkly dramatic bold feature wall. Use a rich colour like Cobalt Night from the Earth palette to create a statement-making look with a daring definition.

Paint the framework in the Dulux Colour of the Year 2021 Brave Ground to balance light and dark for a look that will make an immediate impact. It’s a brave choice, which will give you the confidence to carry that courage into other aspects of your life. First impressions count, and this one certainly packs a style punch.

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