How to make a placeholder

Make this pretty placeholder for your garden party with this craft idea from Country Homes and Interiors

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(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Eltes)

Present guests with seeds in a tracing paper envelope, add a personal message and finish with a stylish fabric wrap.

You will need

  • Tracing paper
  • Matching thread
  • Letraset (try Paperchase)
  • Collected seeds
  • Fabric offcut
  • Felt offcut
  • Decorative bead (try Hobbycraft)

Step 1) Cut a 21cm by 15cm rectangle of tracing paper. Fold the shorter edges in towards the centre and overlap centrally by 3cm.

Step 2) Run a thumbnail down each edge for a crisp fold. Turn the top ‘raw' edges to the back by 1cm and carefully machine stitch 5mm from the edge.

Step 3)
Following manufacturer's instructions, transfer Letraset lettering in
your chosen wording to the front of the packet 1cm below the stitching.
Fill with seeds of your choice.

Step 4) Turn under the remaining ‘raw' edges by 1cm and fold and stitch as before.

Step 5)
Cut a 30cm by 13cm strip of fabric and stitch a 2.5cm hem all round.
Fold around the seed packet so that the overlap sits on the front. Mark
the position for a bead and for a felt loop. Cut out a 5mm-wide loop long enough to fit around your bead.

Step 6) Stitch bead and loop in place, using the photograph above as a guide.

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