Five variations on oak flooring

There are many ways to achieve a variation on oak flooring. Don't buy anything until you've read our guide.

The real dealYour first option when looking for oak flooring is to go with the real deal and look for oak planks. Solid planks are 100% oak in construction, while engineered planks
comprise a plywood core for extra stability. This makes the plank less
susceptible to movement under changeable conditions but the beautiful oak top layer is all you'll see once
installed. UK Flooring Direct Galleria Professional Pisa, £50 per sqm.

living area with wooden flooring and couch

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For those installing in busier areas where slips and spills may occur, try laminate in its ever-improving oak designs. More true to nature than ever before, this resilient flooring is also 100% waterproof. Quick-Step Impressive Saw Cut Oak Grey, £19.99 per sqm.

grey walled living room with wooden flooring and fire place

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Highly pressed bamboo can give a classic oak appearance. These floors take you one step closer to being a green home as bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world, while 30-year warranties ensure you won't be replacing your floor for some time. UK Flooring Direct Bamrock Latte, £33 per sqm.

white bathroom with wooden flooring and bathtub

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If bamboo's not for you, perhaps cork is your calling from Portuguese manufacturer, Granorte. Granorte has also taken an eco approach in choosing to print its oak designs on a cork base. Cork trees absorb five times more carbon than their standard counterparts, while cork bark regenerates itself incredibly quickly. Granorte Vita Java, £70 per sqm.

room with white drawers and wooden flooring

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Cushion vinyl
Last but by no means least, we explore oak in its cushion vinyl form. Warm, comforting, slip resistant and super simple to care for, homeowners are gaining an oak aesthetic while ticking a host of others boxes. We love this washed herringbone effect. Leoline Woodmark Toulouse, £24 per sqm.

living room with blue cabinet and books

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