How to make a headboard cover

Follow Country Homes and Interiors’ step-by-step instructions and sew a slip cover for a headboard

Make sure your slip cover is a snug fit over the headboard - this will create a neat, upholstered look in the bedroom.

You will need

  • Main fabric (we used Royal Oak, Autumn, ref LW178316, £74.40 a metre, Lewis & Wood)
  • Tacking thread
  • Matching thread

Please note If the headboard on your bed has tall end posts you will need to make adjustments for the cover to fit around the posts. If your headboard is fitted to a wall you will need to adapt these instructions to allow for the wall brackets.

Step 1) Starting from half way along the depth in each case, measure the width and height of your headboard across its fullest point. Add 5cm to the width measurement and 8.5cm to the height.

Step 2) Cut out two pieces of main fabric to these measurements, allowing for any necessary pattern matching.

Step 3)
Right sides facing and matching raw edges all round, place one piece on
top of the other. Pin and then tack together around the sides and top.
Remove pins.

Step 4) Machine stitch
along the sides and top edge taking a 2.5cm seam and (if your headboard
is shaped like ours) rounding around the corners a little as you go.

Step 5) Remove tacking, trim seam allowance and press open seams.

Step 6) To create the hem, turn under 1cm all round along the bottom edge and press. Then turn under another 5cm and press again. Pin hem in place.

Step 7)
Slip the inside-out cover over the headboard to check the sit of the
hem, make any necessary adjustments and remove the cover. Slip stitch
the hem in place all round. Remove pins and slip the finished cover in
place over the headboard.

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