Ikea launches first flat-pack bike

Ikea is taking flat-pack to the next level – and it’s wheely impressive

Your home is decked out with BILLY bookcases and more SINNLIG candles than you know what to do with. Well buckle in people, (or should we say helmet up?) because Ikea has just announced that this August you will be able to purchase your very own flat-pack bike.

flat pack bike with white background

(Image credit: TBC)

Hailed as the solution to a lack of space in an urban home, the SLADDA bike features a lightweight aluminum frame, an automatic two-gear system and a double kick stand for heavy loading. Heavy loading? Yes - there's more! You can even buy the accompanying trailer to this flat-pack wonder. Now you can cycle to Ikea on your Ikea bike and fill up your trailer with even more Ikea products. It's the Ikea dream.

flat pack bike with aluminum frame and automatic two gear system

(Image credit: TBC)

Made in partnership with Veryday design studio and designers Oskar Juhlin, Jan Puranen and Kristian Eke, the bike has already won a design award!

flat pack bike with white colour and window

(Image credit: Ikea)

A number of other accessories are also available to buy, like a rear bag and racks. Oskar Juhlin, Director of Industrial Design at Veryday, said: "SLADDA is like a tablet with apps, in the sense that you can customize it with several different accessories adapted to make everyday life easier for the user. SLADDA enables the user to replace the car, and by doing so contributing to a more eco-friendly environment." Sounds good to us.

slada with flat pack bike and grass

(Image credit: Ikea)

So how much will this build-your-own bike set you back? As with everything from Ikea, it's surprisingly affordable, at £450 or £349 with their infamous Family card - if there was ever a time or reason to get one, this is it!

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