Prep for Bank Holiday DIY in 5 easy steps

Make Bank Holiday DIY a breeze with our top tips

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You've got to love a Bank Holiday weekend, whether you're spending the time relaxing or cracking on with some work around the house. If it's the latter you're planning this weekend then make sure you plan ahead; there's nothing worse than being stuck in traffic on Bank Holiday weekend because everyone is heading to the local DIY store! But, fear not, with our tips you can make deocrating this weekend a less stressful experience.

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Hit the shops early
Avoid the Bank Holiday rush and stock up on supplies a few days before. Make a list of everything you'll need for your decorating projects and get organised to avoid the crowds in the shops.

Step by step
Plan out exactly what needs doing and roughly how long each part of the project will take. Leave yourself extra time for things that may take longer than expected, or don't go quite to plan.

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Measure up
Stay on schedule by taking measurements before starting your project. Whether it's dimensions for a new pair of curtains or working out how much paint you'll need to redecorate, plan ahead to make more time for yourself.

Be sure to tidy away anything that's going to get in your way while you're busy decorating. Give yourself plenty of space to work in and use it as a good excuse to have a thorough clear out.

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Early start
If possible, prep your area the night before you plan to decorate. Move furniture out of the way and lay down dustsheets so you can get sarted early and make the most of the day.

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