The home lover’s guide to beating the January blues

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  • 8 simple things you can do in your home to brighten the mood and lift the spirits, ensuring a happy start to the New Year!

    January can be a dreary time around the house. The decorations are down, the kitchen clear of festive treats and it’s back to the usual day-to-day routine… not made any easier by cold, dark mornings! From healthy baking to holing up fireside, we share 8 simple things you can do in your home to brighten the mood and lift the spirits, ensuring a happy start to the New Year!

    1. Love a pop of colour
    A bright pop of colour is guaranteed to give your home the feel-good factor, a cheerful new look to lift the spirits. Treat yourself to that throw or cushion you’ve lusted after for ages (let’s face it, a spot of retail therapy always helps, too!)

    2. Get baking
    There’s nothing quite like the scent of a freshly baked cake to make the home feel warm and welcoming – and give a sense of accomplishment too. Don’t let those New Year diet resolutions stop you, don your apron and try your hand at a recipe that’s both delicious and (relatively!) healthy… banana bread anyone?

    3. Wake up to a winter bloom
    It may not be growing season, but there’s plenty of houseplants available that are quite happy to bloom beautifully during the winter months – Cyclamen, African Violets and Orchids to name just a few. Pop one on your dressing table to take the edge of early morning wake up calls.

    4. Clear out the cobwebs
    Air can get quite stale during the winter months, so don’t be afraid to throw open the windows and give the house a good airing – just be sure to wear plenty of layers when you do it! Alternatively, place sprigs of freshly cut spruce and foraged pinecones around the place or light scented candles for an uplifting aroma reminiscent of wintery woodland.

    5. Create a cosy book nook
    With most people partied out and payday far off in the distance, January can be a quiet month. Take advantage of the downtime by holing up in your own little hideaway, complete with snuggly blankets and a stack of cheery must-reads.

    6. Feel the glow
    Just because it’s not Christmas anymore doesn’t mean you can’t recreate that soft, warm, festive glow. As dusk falls, fill the room with flickering candles, tealights and laterns. Settle down in front of a roaring fire and soak up the magical atmosphere.


    Tidy home, tidy mind
    Who says spring-cleaning has to happen in the spring? In with the old out with the new, a good clear out is so therapeutic. Sort pantry essentials into glass jars and arrange vibrant pots and plates onto open shelving for a neat display that’s both practical and stylish!


    Relive happy memoriesNow the tree’s come down, you can’t help but notice the bare wall where it once stood. Print and frame your favourite photographs from the last year and hang in groups to create a beautiful wall display that’ll make you smile every time you see it.

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