The nation’s dream home is revealed and it’s not what you might expect

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  • From mansions to flats, we explore what the nation really wants when it comes to their home

    What did you look for when you came to buying your home? And if you were
    searching for your next pad, what would be top of the list of requirements? Modern? Period? Location?

    Zoopla has revealed the list of the most sought-after features of our dream homes – and those more extravagant elements (think hot tubs and enormous gardens) were nowhere near the top of the list…

    It transpires that us Brits are a lot more modest when it comes to what we want from our home. Findings revealed that the average Brit is looking for a detached south-facing property with 3.5 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small lawned garden and parking space for two cars, ideally within a mile from the nearest town or city centre.

    Other lusted-after features included a garage, en-suite bathroom, parking and plenty of storage space.

    A 30-minute to commute to work was also very important when it came to location and having shops, parks, restaurants and public transport connections within walking distance would be ideal.

    When it came to style of house
    (and this one really took us by surprise), 44 per cent wanted a modern style home compared to just eight per cent lusting for a Victorian period property.

    The age old town vs country debates rages on – in a money-is-no-object scenario 15 per cent opted for a rolling country estate, while 13 per cent opted for a London townhouse or a big family home in the suburbs.

    Lawrence Hall of Zoopla commented, “Forget chocolate-box cottages, swimming pools and sweeping drives – our ideal homes are practical and best suited for our family lives. When looking for a property, finding the right balance between a comfortable, spacious home and a convenient commute to work is evidently more of a priority for Brits than finding a mansion in France, or Malibu beach house”.

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